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Magic Online Weekly Announcements, January 30, 2024

Posted on Jan 30, 2024

Premier Play Information

Treasure Chest Information

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Murders at Karlov Manor On-Sale Next Week!

The next Magic expansion is a mystery – Murders at Karlov Manor hits MTGO’s digital shelves next Tuesday at 10 a.m. PT (18:00 UTC). Our traditional set article is live and previews the following items:

Downtime Tomorrow 9 a.m.-Noon PT

Magic Online will have a scheduled maintenance period tomorrow, January 31 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon PT (17:00-20:00 UTC). During this time, our Help and Forums will be inaccessible. Please follow our Twitter/X account and/or our Discord channel (links at top of Blog) for real-time updates.


The AlphaFrog Invitational – Tuesdays at 1pm PT

A popular stream for watching Pro players try their hand at a Vintage Cube variant is on the MTGO Twitch channel! Designed by Gavin Thompson-Exner – AlphaFrog himself – the Cube has been a place for some of the biggest names in Magic to show off, goof around, and compete against their peers.

Every Tuesday at 1 p.m. PT (21:00 UTC), a single pod will draft and then battle on stream. Anuraag Das and AlphaFrog are your hosts for this eight-part limited series that runs until February 6th, so mark your calendar!

Today’s episode features AlphaFrog taking on a stacked group of challengers: Paul Cheon, Logan Nettles, Luis Salvatto, Nathan Steuer, Jonathan Brostoff, Corey Baumeister, Reid Duke

Programming Note: Next week’s AlphaFrog finale falls on Murders at Karlov Manor Release Day, so be sure to catch the Pros trying their hand at MKM Draft for the first time to get some early impressions on the format!


RVR Limited Qualifier Friday

Your next chance to earn a seat at the April-June Regional Championship round (feeding Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3) takes place on Friday.

A Limited Qualifier starts this Friday, February 2 at 2:00 p.m. Pacific time (22:00 UTC). The format will be Ravnica Remastered Sealed Deck with Top 8 Draft.

It takes 40 Season 1 Qualifier Points to enter a Qualifier, and the Top 2 finishers are invited to the RC. Prizes are awarded to the Top 64.

For more information on the Qualifier, click the Premier Play Information link at the top of the Blog.


Ravnica Remastered Phantom League Starts Tomorrow

We have heard feedback about wanting to have a phantom Ravnica Remastered draft experience before it departs from the play rotation next week. So following tomorrow’s downtime, we are adding an 8-Ticket RVR Phantom League that will run only until Murders at Karlov Manor starts next week.

Here are the details:

Alternate Play Schedule

Here’s a look at the schedule of events coming up between now and Murders at Karlov Manor. Each description mentions whether the Draft is Phantom – cards won’t be added to players’ collections in Phantom events. All transitions take place at 10:00 a.m. PT (18:00 UTC) unless otherwise noted.

When Is Vintage Cube Back?

A new regular feature of the Blog, this item will mention when the next scheduled run of our most popular event will take place:


New & Upgraded Events on Sundays

As of January 28, we have made the following upgrades and additions to the Challenge schedule on Sundays:

New Second Chance Challenges Start This Week

We've seen recent occurrences of Challenges failing to fire after being newly promoted to a higher prize structure. The team wants to ensure players are able to compete for the highest level of prizes possible based on attendance. When there's a drop due to unforeseen factors, it's a feel-bad for both us and for those players who miss out on that competition.

Based on feedback provided by the community this weekend, we are adding a layer of Second Chance Challenges. The idea is that if a newly promoted Challenge doesn't fire with enough players within 15 minutes of its start time, a backup event that's one prize level down is able to be joined just a few minutes later.

Note: These are separate tournaments, so it is possible for a Second Chance event to fire even if the original event successfully starts. It is expected that the Second Chance event will not fire most weeks.

This will apply to all events using the 96-player structure as well as any events newly promoted to 64. Here's a list of formats, days, and times where new events will be added starting this weekend.

Format Day/Time PT Day/Time UTC Structure
Modern Saturday 8:30 a.m. Sunday 16:30 Large - 64
Modern Sunday 4:30 a.m. Sunday 12:30 Large - 64
Pauper Sunday 10:30 a.m. Sunday 18:30 Small - 32
Standard Sunday 2:30 p.m. Sunday 22:30 Large - 64
Modern Sunday 6:30 p.m. Monday 02:30 Small - 32

Standard Preliminaries Added for RCQ Season

To meet demand for Standard competitive play during its RCQ season, we have added a couple handfuls of Preliminaries to the Weekly Schedule. The dates and times appear on our Calendar link at the top of the page, or you can view them in grid form on the Preliminaries page.


Retro Shockland Bundles Available Now

Our latest Art Bundle offering is something truly unique in Magic Online’s history – all ten shocklands in a retro frame!

There are two Bundles available, each of which will sell for $39.99 USD in the MTGO Store.

The Allied Guilds Bundle contains 1 copy each of these 5 lands


The Enemy Guilds Bundle contains 1 copy of each of these 5 lands


These Art Bundles will remain in the Store for a limited time following the release of Murders at Karlov Manor. Like previous Bundles, these will neither appear in Treasure Chests nor be included in All-Access periods. So be sure to pick yours up today!

These Art Bundles will remain in the Store for a limited time following the release of Murders at Karlov Manor. Like previous Bundles, these will neither appear in Treasure Chests nor be included in All-Access periods. So be sure to pick yours up today!

Cosmium Neon Ink Bundles Leave Store Next Week

Introduced on Cyber Monday, our Cosmium Neon Ink Bundles remain on sale – $20 USD gets you a Mana Crypt and Cavern of Souls in a randomly-selected color choice. Check out this article for full details. They will leave the MTGO Store next week when MKM debuts, so be sure to get yours before they’re gone!

Redemption Corner

We’ve updated our Redemption page with new quantity percentages.

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Redemption Tokens are now on sale alongside Wilds of Eldraine. Murders at Karlov Manor is anticipated to be on sale on Wednesday, March 6.

Two-Factor Authentication Is Now Live – Protect Your Account Today!

A long-requested security feature is now part Magic Online – check out Ryan Spain’s article to learn the why, what, and how to put Two-Factor Authentication into effect to help protect your account!

Magic Online Format Challenges Every Weekend

Format Challenges are the first step toward qualifying for Premier Play through your favorite Magic formats and provide excellent prizes for those looking to test their mettle in their favorite formats. Learn more about Premier Play qualification to get started today.

Magic Online's Format Challenges run as shown on the schedule below.

On weekends featuring Showcase Challenge events, the Format Challenge that starts at either 6 a.m., 8 a.m., or 10 a.m. Pacific time is pre-empted by the Showcase Challenge; Format Challenges scheduled at other times remain in place.


12:00 a.m.      Vintage Challenge 32
1:00 a.m.    Limited Challenge 32 Limited Challenge 32
2:00 a.m.    Pauper Challenge 32  
4:00 a.m.    Legacy Challenge 32  Modern Challenge 96
6:00 a.m.    Standard Challenge 32  Pioneer Challenge 64
8:00 a.m.     Modern Challenge 96 Legacy Challenge 64
10:00 a.m.    Vintage Challenge 32 Pauper Challenge 64
12:00 p.m.    Limited Challenge 32  
1:00 p.m.      Pioneer Challenge 32
2:00 p.m.  Pioneer Challenge 64 Pioneer Challenge 64 Standard Challenge 96
4:00 p.m. Limited Challenge 32    
6:00 p.m.  Modern Challenge 64  Modern Challenge 64  Modern Challenge 64

Check out the Magic Online Format Challenges page for further event details.

PATCH NOTES – January 31, 2024

Card Issues

Duel Scene Updates

Quality-of-Life Fixes


After tomorrow, the next scheduled maintenance will be announced at a later date.

Author: Tony Mayer