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MOCS STEP 1 – Showcase Challenges & Last Chance Events

Players looking to prove their mettle against the best players in Magic Online will want to use their QPs to enter Magic Online Champions Showcase (MOCS) events. MOCS is a set of linked tournaments designed to highlight the game's best players each season, culminating in the Champions Showcase and its prize pool of $70,000 and two invitations to the World Championship!


(This Page) STEP 1 – Showcase Challenges & Last Chance Events
STEP 2 – Showcase Qualifiers
FINAL STEPS – Showcase Opens & MOCS Leaderboard
DESTINATION – The Magic Online Champions Showcase



Showcase Challenges are the first step in the Champions Showcase path. Three times per season certain Format Challenges are replaced by a Showcase Challenge in the same format.

Modern, Legacy, and Pioneer are always Showcase Formats.

The fourth format depends on the Season: Season 1 is Vintage, Season 2 is Pauper, Season 3 is Standard.

Each of these events require 40 QPs to enter. The Top 8 finishers from each event earn an invitation token to enter that format's Showcase Qualifier. (Redundant Showcase Qualifier invites do not pass down)

Start Time: As listed in the Premier Play Schedule
Format: As listed in the Premier Play Schedule
Product: A deck that matches the event's format.
Location: The Constructed lobby that matches the format.
Entry Option: 40 Magic Online Qualifier Points
Size: 33–672 players
Play Style: Swiss, with a single-elimination Top 8
Duration: A number of rounds determined by entries, Swiss pairings, each round up to 50 minutes, followed by a single-elimination Top 8

1st 900 Play Points, 200 Treasure Chests, and 1 premium foil set* 8 Champions Showcase Qualifier
2nd 750 Play Points, 150 Treasure Chests, and 1 premium foil set* 7 Champions Showcase Qualifier
3rd–4th 600 Play Points, 100 Treasure Chests, and 1 regular set* 6 Champions Showcase Qualifier
5th–8th 450 Play Points, 50 Treasure Chests, and 1 regular set* 5 Champions Showcase Qualifier
9th–16th 300 Play Points, 25 Treasure Chests, and 1 regular set* 0  
17th–32nd 300 Play Points and 15 Treasure Chests** 0  
33rd–64th 200 Play Points and 10 Treasure Chests 0  
65th-128th 150 Play Points and 5 Treasure Chests 0  

*Set prizes contain one digital copy of each card in the main set of the most recent Standard-legal expansion
**Players who complete all Swiss rounds and finish lower than 16th place, but with only 2 match losses (X-2 record) will also receive a regular set - manual grant by Customer Service within 7 days of event


For players unable to earn an entry into the Showcase Qualifiers via Showcase Challenges but who still have at least 40 QPs left over in their accounts, there will be a set of Last Chance Events at the end of the season. These Last Chance Events will replace the Preliminary Events in the Showcase formats held in the last few days of the season (after the last Showcase Challenge but before the official Season end).

2023 Season 3 November 26-29, 2023 Modern, Legacy, Pioneer, Standard
2024 Season 1 March 17-20, 2024 Modern, Legacy, Pioneer, Vintage

Last Chance periods are 3 p.m. PT Sunday until 3 a.m. PT Wednesday on the indicated dates, unless otherwise specified in the Weekly Announcement Blog.

To participate, players will need to provide 40 QPs plus either 30 Event Tickets or 300 Play Points. Players who finish with 5 wins will earn a Format Championship Token to the appropriate Showcase Qualifier.

Start Times: As listed in the Preliminary and Challenge Schedule within the date range for the Season shown above
Format: As listed in the Preliminary Schedule—only formats with Showcase Qualifiers that season are used
Product: A deck that matches the event's format
Location: The Constructed lobby that matches the format
Entry Options:

Size: 16–672 players
Play Style: Swiss pairings
Duration: 5 rounds

5 600 Play Points Champions Showcase Qualifier
4 450 Play Points  
3 300 Play Points  


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