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The Magic Online Vintage Cube 2023 Winter Update

Posted on Dec 15, 2023

The Magic Online Vintage Cube 2023 Winter Update

Posted on Dec 15, 2023

Welcome back to another exciting update for the Magic Online Vintage Cube! My name is Chris Wolf, and some of you might recognize me from my involvement in the design of the last two updates to this cube. Those iterations were so well-received that MTGO's Creative Director Ryan Spain trusted me to craft this iteration of the cube largely as I saw fit, provided it fit his vision for the future of the Vintage Cube, which you can read about here.

If you want to review the full 540-card list right away, visit this page.

As it happens, I love Ryan’s vision, and I was excited to build the first card list for the Cube with the concept of rotating “archetype packages” in mind! Do you miss casting Mulldrifter and Consecrated Sphinx? Are you worried you’ll never get to take the Initiative again? Do you want old classics like Smokestack back? We can bring all of those old favorites and more back over time with an increase in Vintage Cube availability and a deliberate package-rotation system, and we can do it without disrupting the core powered Vintage Cube experience.

With all that in mind, what did I do with the winter update? At a high level, I reduced the number of white cards by a fair amount. They are the least sought-after, and because there are lots of functional analogs among them, I could reduce the quantity of white cards without damaging the integrity of the archetype. There is also a boost to the “Robots” artifact creature archetype in this iteration, which white can usually branch into seamlessly. I added another 10 dual lands both to support the incoming Lands archetype and because the ability for players to cast their spells is so vital to producing fun, interactive Magic games. I removed more narrow or underperforming classics, and used the extra space to execute on the archetype-package rotation plan. What’s in and what’s out on the build-around and archetype front?


Twin Killing

Rotating out the iconic Splinter Twin/Kiki-Jiki combo is a great example of the kinds of historically unmovable archetypes we are willing to bench in the pursuit of fun and variety. Many of the parts for this combo are narrow and don’t contribute to any other major strategies in the cube, so when it returns, we will look to bring it back with other strategies that make the weaker cards in the package less one-note.

The Dream Is Dead

We’re also letting go of the Dream Halls package for now. It was a fun ride that we will definitely bring back in the future, but it’s also time to mix things up again.


You’re Doomed

Alright, so what’s new? We’ve brought Doomsday into the mix, along with Thassa’s Oracle and Jace, Wielder of Mysteries to have some straightforward empty-library wins, but you can always just go ahead and put together whatever combo you want to finish off your opponents after resolving Doomsday.

Land Ho!

The “Lands” archetype is the breakout addition. We’ve been moving in this direction already with recent additions like Titania, Protector of Argoth, Zuran Orb and Sylvan Safekeeper joining the pre-existing Dark Depths and Strip Mine combos, but this Lands package brings a whole new approach into the mix. The additions of Scapeshift with Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and Dryad of the Ilysian Grove or Prismatic Omen turning everything into Mountains offers the classic Valakut kill, but there’s more!

Green gets bouncelands like Simic Growth Chamber to combine with Fastbond or other effects that generate additional land plays, such as the returning Dryad of the Ilysian Grove and first-time additions Sakura-Tribe Scout and Arboreal Grazer. Repeatedly bounce your own bounceland to generate as many landfall triggers as your game state allows, then pick your payoff: Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle, Valakut Exploration, Hedron Crab, Lotus Cobra, and Field of the Dead can produce wins on the spot or a huge resource influx you can convert into a win. Spelunking is another new addition to turbo-charge the archetype by imitating Amulet of Vigor's rules text, but on a card that isn’t as narrow in function as its inspiration.

With the bouncelands giving green four extra dual lands to the other colors getting one, I filled out the rest of a ten-card dual-land cycle with six additional dual lands, giving one to each guild. Doomsday and its tough mana requirements also benefit from this by getting Sunken Ruins in the Dimir slot.

The Meek Shall Inherit the Sword

To make some room for these extra lands, I removed some of the Talismans, leaving the blue/Jeskai versions - the colors that want these rocks the most. Jeskai Artifacts also gets a new combo with Thopter Foundry and Sword of the Meek, which has lots of additional support in cards such as Goblin Engineer, Kappa Cannoneer and Staff of the Storyteller, to name a few. The introduction of the Thopter/Sword combo opened the door for the return of Tezzeret the Seeker. The ability to tutor for Thopter combo and untap The One Ring gives Tezzeret enough to do to warrant a return for now.

Warriors in Your Domain

Green went through the biggest identity shift in this update, with a green-red Domain package entering the mix in addition to the green-heavy Lands package. The tri-lands have already given the Cube a head start on the Domain archetype. But one of the more appealing payoffs for Domain is Najeela, the Blade-Blossom, who also asks for Warriors around her to be truly great. Fortunately, many of the most powerful Domain creatures are Warriors, namely Radha’s Firebrand, Wild Nacatl and Nishoba Brawler. Territorial Kavu isn’t a Warrior, but two-mana 5-power creatures are still bangers, especially when you strap an Embercleave onto them and finish your opponents off with a Tribal Flames to the dome.

Daybreak for Magic Online

That covers the major archetype shifts, so we can move on to individual cards now. But before we do, I wanted to thank Ryan and the whole Daybreak Magic Online team for their continuous efforts in improving this experience for everyone. It was Ryan who first approached me and sought my involvement with the Magic Online Vintage Cube, a move that exemplifies the team’s clear ethos of caring for and about the community, and of valuing their feedback. I want to do my best to carry that spirit forth, so don’t be shy about reaching out! You can find me on Twitter and the Cube section of the MTGO Discord, but feel free to direct me towards other places that have engaging discussions about all things Vintage Cube as well!

I’d also like to once again send a big thank you towards Matt Grenier and the Modern Vintage Cube community on Discord. It was Matt’s Cubes and the MVC community that ignited the Vintage Cube design flame in me, and I wouldn’t be enjoying this opportunity to work on my favorite Magic experience without Matt and the other brilliant cube minds in the MVC community (who will go unnamed, but you know who you are!) stoking that fire. You can also find me over on his Discord (Ck), along with a whole heap of other Cube enthusiasts talking about all things Vintage Cube and more!

Have a look at the complete changelist below, check out our design comments on the changes, and have a blast next week when this cube starts a five-week run on Magic Online. You'll find the entire Vintage Cube list on this page. I hope to see you in the queues!


Color Card Out Color Card In Design Comment
White Adanto Vanguard White Seasoned Hallowblade Hallowblade is a bit worse offensively and a bit better defensively, but most importantly: a Warrior for our new mini-strategyl! Powerful two-mana creatures are plentiful in Magic, making it a great place to make some swaps for both variety and synergy with incoming archetype packages.
White Armageddon Boros Restless Bivouac The functional Armageddon reprint left the cube last time, and the O.G. follows it out this time, as the effect is too weak against too many archetypes to be a good main deck card. Swapping out sideboard land destruction to make room for another cycle of maindeckable fixing is a net fun increase.
White Boon-Bringer Valkyrie Colorless Skysovereign, Consul Flagship Boon-Bringer is powerful, fun, and likely to return someday, but we wanted to reduce white's card count, and some cards had to give. Skysovereign's colorless, repeatable removal has become well-positioned in a Vintage Cube landscape with fewer creatureless decks, and is a nice addition to decks in a lot of archetypes.
White Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite Colorless Nettlecyst Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is an iconic cube card, but one that is finding fewer and fewer homes in decks. Nettlecyst, on the other hand, holds a lot of promise in both the Workshop and Robots archetypes.
White Elspeth, Sun's Champion Colorless Heart of Kiran As the traditional Control model declines in effectiveness, so do its top-end cards like big Elly. Heart of Kiran does more than it may seem, providing an aerial beater for aggressive decks and a surprisingly effective planeswalker protector!
White Ephemerate White Samwise the Stouthearted While Ephemerate can feel ridiculous with powerful evoke creatures, it's hard to generate a game-breaking interaction consistently. It's a fun effect to include sometimes, it doesn't warrant "mainstay" status. Meanwhile, Samwise is a more consistent performer that also works nicely with the Elementals, but also with Strip Mine, fetch lands, and other sacrifice-for-value permanents.
White Iona, Shield of Emeria Colorless Patchwork Automaton Similarly to Elesh Norn, Iona is inarguably an all-time Vintage Cube classic, but is also inarguably past her prime in the modern meta. Patchwork Automaton, which we've been eyeing since it was printed, slips nicely into that meta, getting out of hand quickly in a dedicated Robots deck, and filling the curve for aggressive decks with a decent artifact count.
White Karmic Guide White Timeless Dragon Dual-land-fetching cyclers have been performing well, so we'll add one for White that also works nicely with Staff of the Storyteller and Esika's Chariot. We pulled the servicable but clunky Karmic Guide for it, and will consider bringing it back later for a more synergistic appearance.
White Leonin Relic-Warder White Portable Hole Relic-Warder can still hang on power level, but the double-white cost restricts the decks that can run it, and it dies to most removal. Portable Hole also performs the role of early-game mana-rock killer while adding another artifact to support the multitude of decks looking for that synergy.
White Recruiter of the Guard White Ranger-Captain of Eos Recruiter is a great Vintage Cube card, it's just taking a breather to support some variety. The Captain is a worse recruiter, but it has the added bonus of mucking with your opponent's noncreature plans, becoming a three-mana Platinum Angel against noncreature combo strategies like Storm, and sometimes locking them out completely with Guardian Scalelord.
White Restoration Angel White Archangel Avacyn Since the Twin combo and a lot of the Blink support is rotating out of this iteration, we'll send the blink angel to the bench with them and bring back a different flashy Angel for white's top end.
White Spectral Procession White Wedding Announcement Another move away from cards pointing towards mono-colored decks, but unlike some other such cuts, Spectral Procession was overdue for a cut on power level. Compare what it offers against the flexibility and overall value proposition of Wedding Announcement! It's the turn-over-turn "value creep" of modern cards like this that has pushed a lot of beloved classics out of the Vintage Cube on power level.
White Student of Warfare White Kytheon, Hero of Akros Student is a mono-white-only cut, not a power-level cut. Kytheon is a house in aggressive decks, and while he will often end up in mono-white decks, that was the Student of Warfare's only home. With Boros acquiring cards recently that incentivize two-color aggro, we want to offer more deck flexibility in white's early drops.
White Sun Titan Colorless Shadowspear Shadowspear has become a staple in constructed decks for its ability to work around some pesky mechanics while keeping aggro in check. well known from constructed decks. Now you can do that in Cube!
White Tithe Taker White Luminarch Aspirant Tithe Taker will probably come and go in the two slot for white, but it's time for one of the premiere white two-mana creatures to shine. Luminarch Aspirant might be good enough if it could only target itself, but the ability to toss a counter onto that one drop and attack for 3 and spread value around your board puts it way over the top.
White Wall of Omens White Staff of the Storyteller Wall of Omens should have seen this coming, right? Staff of the Storyteller in a vacuum is a reasonable if unexciting value play, but build around it even a little bit and you can be drawing an extra card a turn for one mana! With creature tokens abound throughout the cube, it's hard not to build around it a little bit. It also provides further support for the Artifacts Matter archetypes in the cube.
Blue Baral, Chief of Compliance Blue Hedron Crab Hedron Crab is a crucial combo piece for the Lands archetype rotating in. With many ways to generate extra land drops in the cube, the crab can get out of hand quickly, even allowing for turn-one kills when combined with Fastbond and a Bounceland. You can also combine this with Scapeshift for a combo-kill, or mill yourself for value.
Blue Consider Blue Thought Scour What do you Consider to be the worst blue cantrip in the cube? You can see our vote with this swap, where we switch to one that digs one card deeper for Doomsday kills, adds one more card for graveyard shenanigans, and incidentally hoses "topdeck tutors" like Vampiric Tutor.
Blue Deceiver Exarch Blue Hullbreacher Exarch rotates out with the Splinter Twin package, creating room for Hullbreacher. We have been bolstering support for draw-seven strategies, so having a foil for them makes sense. There are fun-factor concerns to keep an eye on, but blue could use the power boost--not a comment you would have heard about Vintage Cube in the past!
Blue Dream Halls Blue Show and Tell Dream Halls was a very successful experiment that captured a lot of hearts, but it's a perfect example of the kind of card that necessitates enough specific, narrow support to include that it shouldn't appear every time. Show and Tell remains a bit of a trap in the League setting where you play out of pod, but with 64-player events providing in-pod play and the intel on the viability of the strategy that comes with it, this one deserves to be brought back!
Blue Fact or Fiction Blue Lose Focus While Fact or Fiction still produces a fun, interesting minigame, it's mostly too slow these days. Two-mana counter-anything spells with a single blue in the cost that scale with the game are generally worthy of Vintage Cube, so let's give Lose Focus a shot! Being able to target different spells is a nice bonus against Storm.
Blue Hullbreaker Horror Blue Sai, Master Thopterist Hullbreaker Horror is a neat combo/finisher card and is likely to return, but gives way here for Sai, Master Thopterist. Sai powers up the Robots archetype, offers a sacrifice outlet for The One Ring and Coveted Jewel, and also plays nicely with Sword of the Meek.
Blue Opposition Blue Tezzeret the Seeker Opposition is among the trusty old friends no longer carrying their weight that we're letting go of as mainstays in the Vintage Cube. Tezzeret was previously cut for that same reason, but this gives us an example of the kind of context where such cards will return. Tutoring for your Thopter Foundry/Sword of the Meek combo pieces and untapping The One Ring provide some additional synergy and utility that weren't in the cube the last time Tezzeret, the Seeker was.
Blue Pestermite Blue True-Name Nemesis Pestermite leaves with the Kiki-Twin package. True-Name Nemesis was cut from the Cube a long time ago for being fairly obnoxious and pretty broken. While it will still generate some frustrating game states for opponents, we don't think it will qualify as broken, just good, and blue could use the power-boost. At least if you are in a dire spot against True-Name Nemesis, it will be over quickly or you'll have a good comeback story!
Blue Phantasmal Image Blue Thassa's Oracle A card that was previously cut due to not having enough support is now rotating in with the Doomsday package! In addition to that combo-win potential, you can also just mill youself out and get it back with Sevinne's Reclamation, and the backside of Birgi, God of Storytelling also quickly allows you to churn through your deck. There are lots of new toys for Thassa's Oracle to play with in this iteration!
Blue Sower of Temptation Blue Jace, Wielder of Mysteries Sower's relative power level has waned as an extremely killable four drop, while Jace provides some redundancy for the Doomsday combo while being a solid card on its own.
Blue Suspicious Stowaway Blue Malcolm, Alluring Scoundrel Stowaway is still good, but the flash on Malcolm gives him an edge we want to try out.
Blue Svyelun of Sea and Sky Blue Unctus, Grand Metatect Unctus might not seem great on first read, but the card does a lot in this. Turn all your Blue creatures into looters, your looters into double-looters, and your artifact tokens into real threats. It can also enable all of its statics with its own activated ability!
Blue Thirst for Discovery Blue Intuition Intution is just an interesting card to try and cook with, so for all the head chefs out there, post your best and most creative piles on the MTGO Cube Discord!
Blue Torrential Gearhulk Blue Kappa Cannoneer With the departure of Magma Opus and the Dream Halls package, Torrential Gearhulk loses some oomph and goes with them. Kappa Cannoneer should be a potent addition with all of the artifact token generators available.
Blue Treasure Cruise Blue Gush The big delve spells have always been pretty hard to enable in Limited, so we feel that at least one of them can give way to package support. Gush is key for the Doomsday combo, while also working nicely with the new Lands archetype, and with Storm, as always!
Blue Venser, Shaper Savant Blue Aether Spellbomb Venser is not completely outclassed, but also not in its prime anymore. Aether Spellbomb is a nice addition with the heavy push towards artifacts in this iteration. Just having cheap artifact spells is always good value and when combined with Emry, Lurker of the Loch or Tameshi, Reality Architect can really stop your opponents in their tracks.
Black Bazaar of Baghdad Colorless Currency Converter Again, I'd like to save Bazaar for a future iteration with better support for it. It's such a powerful and iconic card and doesn't have a home currently, outside of straight combo-reanimator. Currency Converter is just a great Cube-able card with a whole host of applications, outside of being a neat little value engine on its own.
Black Bitterblossom Rakdos Valki, God of Lies Bitterblossom is another one of those Vintage Cube staples that is no longer earning that designation on power level. Valki is good in most black decks and combos with Bring to Light, which also rotates in this time around.
Black Call of the Ring Black Doomsday Ah yes, the long-awaited Doomsday finally makes its appearance! This Constructed staple is very supportable in Vintage Cube. You can combine it with Thassa's Oracle or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries, as well as putting together a Storm pile to finish off your opponents. We will call back Call of the Ring sometime down the road.
Black Custodi Lich Black Dreams of Steel and Oil The Lich was probably a bit on the edge already, but with even more token-making this time around, it will at least ride the bench for now. The high emphasis on artifacts here supported giving Black some more counter-play, and exiling cards from the graveyard can be very valuable in a lot of situations.
Black Infernal Grasp Black Bitter Triumph Bitter Triumph is another incredible Cube card along with many others from LCI. It's almost strictly better than Infernal Grasp, with the ability to kill Planeswalkers and not being forced to pay the life being worth the 1 extra point when you do, and with discarding often being an upside.
Black Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia Black Tourach, Dread Cantor We've mentioned moving away from mono-colored cards a lot, and now this? Well, we liked this inclusion in the AlphaFrog Vintage Cube, and wanted to try it in the Magic Online Vintage Cube. We will see if the effect is worth the narrow fit!
Black Kitesail Freebooter Black Deep-Cavern Bat Another clear upgrade, LCI certainly has a lot of Vintage Cube treats! The loss of a point of toughness is easily made up for in the ability to take any nonland card away from your opponent, and the lifelink is often important in black decks.
Black Liliana, the Last Hope Black Contagion Few things feel more "Vintage Cube" than casting high-mana-value spells for no mana cost, and while Contagion doesn't have the bonafides of its cycle-mate Force of Will, we want to give it a try this time given the addition of Vial Smasher the Fierce. Don't forget that this places counters on creatures, so the effect doesn't only last until end of turn.
Black Massacre Wurm Black Massacre Girl Massacre Wurm is a great tool for heavy Black midrange and Reanimator decks against Aggro decks or Mana-Elves. Massacre Girl performs a similar role, but is a lot more reasonable to cast and can find its way into almost any Black deck, which is why she's getting the edge this time around.
Black Murderous Rider Black Virtue of Persistence Murderous Rider is a step slow these days, and the loss of life exacerbates that, with the promise of a 2/3 lifelink to help later often not materializing in time to matter. Virtue might not stick in the Vintage Cube, but flexible cards like this often overperform expectations, so we want to give it a chance.
Black Oona's Prowler Black Rain of Filth The Prowler isn't a stellar example of a powerful Cube card, but it serves well enough a role-players for Reanimator. Luckily, we've been getting a huge influx of powerful discard outlets, so we don't have to carry all of them around anymore. Putrid Imp can stick around at one mana, but we are letting the Prowler go. Rain of Filth is a cool combo card for "Ritual Storm", while also having a couple of neat synergies elsewhere. Sacrificing all your lands with a Fastbond in play and casting Yawgmoth's Will afterwards produces a ton of mana and also works with Titania, Protector of Argoth!
Black Wishclaw Talisman Black Beseech the Mirror While there are certainly a lot of differences between these tutor effects, this feels like an upgrade. Beseech the Mirror's bargain clause requires some setup, but the payoff of getting to immediately cast your Tendrils of Agony or Yawgmoth's Will for free is huge!
Red Bitter Reunion Red Inti, Seneschal of the Sun Bitter Reunion, while not being a particularly early pick in general, did not disappoint. However, there is a whole heap of discard outlets around now, and you have to make room somewhere. Inti looks incredibly promising, both for her Laelia, the Blade Reforged impression for only 2 mana, and for her ability neither requiring her to attack nor to be the discard outlet. Inti feels like a card that will stay in the Cube on power level.
Red Char Red Flame Slash Flame Slash is in a great position for the current Vintage Cube metagame, hitting roughly 85% of creatures in this iteration. It also slots nicely into way more decks than Char does.
Red Desperate Ritual Red Birgi, God of Storytelling Desperate indeed! Meanwhile, Birgi should be better-positioned in this iteration, being another card that plays nicely with the returning Thassa's Oracle.
Red Dire Fleet Daredevil Red Earthshaker Khenra Earthshaker Khenra is a nice aggressive beater that supports the Warrior sub-theme, and being able to use your graveyard for value down the line is powerful. Eternalize is also interesting, because it makes a token for cards like Staff of the Storyteller and Esika's Chariot.
Red Goblin Guide Red Soul-Scar Mage Once a premiere one drop in VIntage Cube and a reason to get into red, Goblin Guide has fallen far in its effectiveness and deck breadth. Soul-Scar Mage is a red one drop with a relevant ability that gives red some play against big creatures. All-in aggression has a place for sure, but also a price, and we like trading a lower ceiling for a higher floor here.
Red Goblin Rabblemaster Multicolor Najeela, the Blade-Blossom Supporting Najeela in the incoming Domain archetype is the reason behind the Warrior swaps in this iteration. Najeela and her setup cost is not a strict upgrade, but is a choice to accommodate a specific archetype with an analog card. This one snowballs quite well too, because she makes Warrior tokens herself. Activating her ability out of nowhere to turn a seemingly lost game into a victory is glorious!
Red Imperial Recruiter Red Phyrexian Dragon Engine Recruiter departs with the Kiki-Twin package this time. Phyrexian Dragon Engine plays nicely with the Robots theme, and provides an aggressive option to cast off Mishra's Workshop now that Crystalline Giant has rotated out. It's also a nice one to bin with Goblin Engineer!
Red Incinerate Red Tribal Flames Incinerate is a fine, replacable burn spell coming out for one that supports the incoming Domain archetype.
Red Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Red Trumpeting Carnosaur LCI is a cube bonanza! Multi-mode cards like this are perfect for cubes. It "discards" itself for value ahead of potential reanimation, and is pretty reasonable to cast. I expect this one to play out very well. Kiki rotates out with the "packages" plan, but will be back again someday!
Red Kumano Faces Kakkazan Red Voldaren Epicure Kumano Faces Kakkazan is a fantastic one drop for aggressive red decks, but Epicure provides a lot of flexibility, creating another discard outlet and an artifact token. This is particularly relevant in this version, especially with the bonkers Gut, True Soul Zealot incoming.
Red Light Up the Stage Gruul Questing Druid Light Up the Stage needs an extremely low curve to be reliably good, and more and more red cards have encroached on its "play until the end of your next turn" space that was so unique when it was printed. Questing Druid and Seek the Beast are solid cards individually, and their combined value and flexibility should make for a potent Vintage Cube card.
Red Mana Flare Red Goblin Engineer Goblin Engineer further deepens the artifact synergies and supports some exciting combos - it's particularly handy to bin your Sword of the Meek to combo with your Thopter Foundry - but it's also a nice value engine in general.
Red Mine Collapse Red Pyrokinesis Mine Collapse has been good, but this free spell should be even better. Try it with Vial Smasher the Fierce for some insane value!
Red Mizzium Mortars Red Delayed Blast Fireball Mizzium Mortars is a great, flexible card, but Delayed Blast Fireball will be our choice in this red sweeper slot this time around. It plays incredibly nicely with Bring to Light, not to mention cards like Laelia, the Blade Reforged and Questing Druid's adventure, among many others.
Red Mizzix's Mastery Red Experimental Synthesizer Synthesizer becomes a real value engine when combined with Goblin Engineer, and is reasonable in low curve decks, as well as big mana artifact ramp. It's also a cheap card to feed to Gut, True Soul Zealot.
Red Nahiri's Warcrafting Red Pyrite Spellbomb Pyrite Spellbomb isn't particularly exciting, but not everything has to be when it comes to Cube. Sometimes it's just good to have a cheap artifact that does something down the line. Spellbombs also play nicely with Emry, Lurker of the Loch; Lurrus, the Dream-Den; and Tameshi, Reality Architect.
Red Pia and Kiran Nalaar Red Breya's Apprentice Breya's Apprentice pretty much does the same job, only better and cheaper. It grinds for value on its own, but also combines nicely with Goblin Engineer, and generally plays well with all the artifact themes.
Red Pyretic Ritual Red Rite of Flame One mana is a lot less than two and with most of the cost-reducers gone, this clearly does a better job.
Red Runaway Steam-Kin Red Radha's Firebrand Runaway Steam-Kin still performs very well, but we are swapping this out here for more Warrior support. Radha's Firebrand is very reasonable even without its activated ability, so don't shy away from it just because you can't get full Domain - but if you can, the card becomes absurd.
Red Splinter Twin Red Valakut Exploration Valakut Exploration is one of the payoffs for the incoming Lands archetype. Combine this with Bouncelands and pretty much any card that can generate extra land-drops for you and you'll have yourself a nice vacation in value town. When combined with Fastbond, this can quickly go through your entire deck, and if you're ahead on life even kill your opponent with its end of turn trigger!
Red Squee, Dubious Monarch Red Gut, True Soul Zealot Gut is a true powerhouse as well as a soul zealot, so be on the lookout for this one! Turning spare Treasure and Blood tokens into 4/1 attackers with menace ends the game quickly if unanswered. The key here: Gut doesn't need to attack herself. Sacrificing Moxen to win games feels downright decadent!
Red Sulfuric Vortex Red Rampaging Ferocidon Sulfuric Vortex still has a powerful, important ability, but doesn't go in many decks. Ferocidon carries the same ability, but on a beefy body, which is way more reasonable in just about any deck that wants the send creatures into combat.
Red Thundermaw Hellkite Red Embercleave Removing Dragons got pushback from the Vintage Cube community previously, but Embercleave offers a similar "punching through" ability that Thundermaw provides. Embercleave is particularly exciting in this iteration because of increased artifact synergies, and because you can strap it onto 2-mana 5-power creatures like Nishoba Brawler and Territorial Kavu.
Red Zealous Conscripts Red Flametongue Kavu Zealous Conscripts could have stayed in despite the Kiki-Twin package rotation, as it is certainly a great card on its own, but we don't want to send mixed signals. Flametongue Kavu gets carried by the same reasoning as Flame Slash here, which is hitting a major percentage of creatures in the Cube, but with an aggressively statted body attached. It's also important to bring back nostalgic cards (especially mechanically simple ones) when the metagame puts it in a position to be good.
Green Arbor Elf Green Arboreal Grazer Arboreal Grazer is an important tool for the Lands archetype, blocking to keep yourself alive after putting extra Lands on the battlefield.
Green Birthing Pod Green Sentinel of the Nameless City Birthing Pod is a prime candidate for "rotating archetype" status. It asks a lot of both cube and deck construction, and doesn't pay off consistently enough to have earned the "mainstay" status it has enjoyed for so long. This time, another LCI powerhouse makes its Vintage Cube debut! Sentinel is efficient, attacks & blocks well, makes artifacts, helps with extra land-drops, and can fill your graveyard. A perfect Cube card!
Green Deranged Hermit Green Nishoba Brawler Deep Forest Hermit will handle the squirrel-wrangling in this iteration, so we'll bring in the Brawler for Domain support. With Triomes around, this can get beefy pretty easily, but it's also just fine as a 2-mana 3/3 trampler.
Green Elder Gargaroth Green Ojer Kaslem, Deepest Growth Gargaroth is still a beefy boy and may return soon, but the God is worth a try for sure, especially with the Lands archetype rotating in. This can also be a nice one to Sneak Attack!
Green Finale of Devastation Green Scapeshift Losing some creature-tutor redundancy here for a cornerstone of the incoming Lands archetype. Combine this with Dryad of the Ilysian Grove or Prismatic Omen and Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle for a quick combo kill with everything counting as a Mountain. It also works nicely with Hedron Crab, Field of the Dead, and Titania, Protector of Argoth.
Green Force of Vigor Green Nature's Claim Force of Vigor is pretty clunky if you aren't hitting two things, so it's mainly a sideboard card. Nature's Claim, on the other hand, is very maindeck-able. We all know how good instant speed removal for one mana is, even when giving your opponent some life (*cough* Swords to Plowshares *cough*).
Green Hornet Queen Green Gruff Triplets We're rotating out Worldspine Wurm this iteration as too one-note with Flash and pretty "mid" outside of that exact application. The Triplets should nicely bridge that gap by being very castable, but also very good with Flash, Reanimation, etc.
Green Invasion of Ikoria Green Lotus Cobra Lotus Cobra is a great card in general, being able to pressure your oppoents life total while also producing mana. With fetchlands things can get pretty explosive, and when combined with Fastbond and a Bounceland, you can even have a little DIY-Channel going.
Green Joraga Treespeaker Green Sakura-Tribe Scout The Mono Green Ramp archetype has suffered a lot in recent years. What used to be called "Green Sol Ring" is often a liability given how often you have to level it up into open mana in order to execute your plan. The Tribe-Scout allows for extra Land-drops every turn, doing the best Exploration impression it can in support of the Lands archetype and incidental landfall cards.
Green Oath of Druids Green Prismatic Omen Oath of Druids is another cool, iconic card that should move from mainstay to occasional appearance. As Oath rotates out into its new life in an archetype package, Prismatic Omen comes in with an archetype package as a crucial enabler for Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle while also having some incidental interaction with High Tide and the Domain archetype as well.
Green Regrowth Green Spelunking Regrowth will surely be missed by everyone who opens Time Walk, but we did get Tamiyo, Collector of Tales in recent updates and Regrowth isn't used much outside of Time Walk decks. Spelunking works nicely with Bouncelands and let's you do your best Amulet-Titan impression!
Green Survival of the Fittest Green Once Upon a Time As reanimation moves farther away from green, we are busting up the iconic duo of Survival of the Fittest and Recurring Nightmare and relegating Survival to archetype packages where it has more to do, like Madness or Living Death. Once Upon a Time is ridiculously good as your first spell of the game, and if it shows up later, the mana cost should be less burdensome.
Green Thrun, Breaker of Silence Green Tarmogoyf With beefy green midrange decks back on the rise and a lot of cheap artifacts meant to be sacrificed, we think it's Tarmogoyf's time to shine once again! Thrun wasn't all that great, and when it did work wasn't all that fun. Even if it had been stellar--perhaps especially--we want to rotate powerful-but-aggravating cards so you don't run into the same non-interactive game-ender in every iteration.
Green Utopia Sprawl Green Dryad of the Ilysian Grove Dryad is another crucial piece for Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and great for Domain, but also just a solid card in general. Sprawl is powerful as mana ramp that can't be destroyed easily, but we will rotate it out with its good buddy Arbor Elf, and bring them back together sometime.
Green Workshop Warchief Multicolor Wild Nacatl We are bringing the curve down here to add the Domain warrior Wild Nacatl to the mix.
Green Worldspine Wurm Blue Astral Dragon Worldspine Wurm is great in the Flash deck, but a bit narrow otherwise. Since we're cutting a premium Flash target but keeping Flash, we'll compensate with the Astral Dragon, which is also a cool Flash and Recurring Nightmare target, but can also make infinite dragons with Parallax Wave.
Green Wrenn and Realmbreaker Green Court of Garenbrig Wrenn and Realmbreaker performed fine, but Court of Garenbrig seems strong enough to warrant trying, especially with green moving more in the direction of aggressive midrange. It can also help generate ridiculous amounts of mana with Devoted Druid, though!
Azorius Soulherder Azorius Tameshi, Reality Architect Soulherder will be missed by some, but we hope Tameshi will be enjoyed by many! Pretty much any card that can do busted things with Black Lotus is going to be at least fine in Vintage Cube, but there's so much more it synergizes with in this iteration, like Seal of Removal, Spellbombs and Bouncelands.
Azorius Urza, Lord Protector Azorius Shorikai, Genesis Engine While not being able to live the meld dream is unfortunate, The Mightstone and Weakstone is fine on its own while Urza falls a little short, especially when occupying a precious multicolor slot. Shorikai on the other hand does a lot of cool things with this update. It draws cards, which is something the artifact decks can never get enough of given all of the slots used on ramp cards in the archetype. It plays nicely with Staff of the Storyteller for even more value, and the Pilot tokens can crew the newly-added Heart of Kiran and Skysovereign, Consul Flagship.
Dimir The Scarab God Dimir Sunken Ruins The Scarab God is not dead by any means, but it has seen better days. Five mana is a lot these days, and we need the space for the extra land cycle. Sunken Ruins is a major Doomsday enabler with the color demands of the archetype, along with Pentad Prism and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth.
Dimir Thief of Sanity Dimir Kaito Shizuki Mostly a change of pace, but a slight upgrade nontheless. Kaito has been missed by many, and while Thief of Sanity will have its mourners as well, we can always bring it back at a future point.
Golgari Assassin's Trophy Golgari Witherbloom Command The modal versatility of Witherbloom Command beats out the Assassin's Trophy that, while powerful, too often comes at a price you can't afford to pay and expect to win the game.
Golgari Fiend Artisan Golgari Mosswood Dreadknight Fiend Artisan will rotate out and join the Birthing Pod archetype package, while Mosswood Dreadknight enters as a solid value engine with a reasonable body.
Golgari Talisman of Resilience Selesnya Simic Growth Chamber As stated in the article, we're cutting some of the Talismans, which are a bit less desirable these days to make room for extra lands. Don't worry, we are keeping the most relevant ones around!
Golgari Vraska, Golgari Queen Golgari Golgari Rot Farm Vraska has lost a step at four mana. With the extra land cycle added, Vraska had to sacrifice herself this time.
Gruul Kogla and Yidaro Gruul Territorial Kavu Kogla and Yidaro was a nice experiment, but the card felt too narrow to keep. We're making room for Territorial Kavu this time to support Domain.
Gruul Talisman of Impulse Gruul Gruul Turf As stated in the article, we're cutting some of the Talismans, which are a bit less desirable these days to make room for extra lands. Don't worry, we are keeping the most relevant ones around!
Izzet Magma Opus Izzet Fire/Ice Bringing back an old familiar classic here with the room from cutting the Dream Halls package.
Orzhov Talisman of Hierarchy Orzhov Shattered Sanctum As stated in the article, we're cutting some of the Talismans, which are a bit less desirable these days to make room for extra lands. Don't worry, we are keeping the most relevant ones around!
Rakdos Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast Rakdos Vial Smasher the Fierce Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast is still great, no doubt, but a little change of scenery is nice from time to time. Vial Smasher lives up to the name with whatever spells you happen to have in your deck, but becomes quickly game-ending when combined with cards like Fireblast, Pyrokinesis or Contagion.
Rakdos Graven Cairns Rakdos Haunted Ridge Since we're benching Kroxa and Cruel Ultimatum this time, Haunted Ridge is likely the better mana fixing for this iteration.
Rakdos Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger Rakdos Molten Collapse More LCI cube additions! While an upgraded Dreadbore is arguably still not incredible, the added versatility is worth bringing it back to see how much better it plays. Getting your opponent's Mox and two-drop creature after fetching fixing for your Molten Collapse sounds like a game-swinging play!
Rakdos Talisman of Indulgence Rakdos Restless Vents As stated in the article, we're cutting some of the Talismans, which are a bit less desirable these days to make room for extra lands. Don't worry, we are keeping the most relevant ones around!
Selesnya Kitchen Finks Selesnya Renegade Rallier Kitchen Finks has been around forever without a real purpose. Renegade Rallier isn't much more exciting than Finks in the abstract, but it does some nice things in the Lands archetype with Strip Mine and Fetchlands, and supports the Domain Warriors theme as well. Getting back a Nishoba Brawler or Territorial Kavu is pretty nice!
Selesnya Knight of Autumn Selesnya Qasali Pridemage Green is now a lot more proficient at attacking, so this swap makes a lot of sense. We already know how good Exalted can be from the Hierarchs!
Selesnya Sigarda, Font of Blessings Selesnya Torsten, Founder of Benalia Another addition inspired by the AlphaFrog Vintage Cube. More Flash/Sneak/Nightmare support to compensate for the loss of Worldspine Wurm, but hard-castable by most green decks as well.
Selesnya Talisman of Unity Selesnya Selesnya Sanctuary As stated in the article, we're cutting some of the Talismans, which are a bit less desirable these days to make room for extra lands. Don't worry, we are keeping the most relevant ones around!
Selesnya Voice of Resurgence Green Avacyn's Pilgrim With a couple of green's 1-mana accelerators moving out, bringing this one back in feels correct in support of green's increased multicolor focus in this iteration.
Simic Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy Multicolor Bring to Light Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy was a cool twist on things and definitely will be back in the not-so-distant future, but for now we needed the space for Bring to Light. It's a great tutor for the Lands deck, as it finds important pieces like Scapeshift & Omnath, but also works in other strategies and just combos on its own with Valki, God of Lies and Delayed Blast Fireball.
Multicolor Cruel Ultimatum Izzet Stormcarved Coast It was fun having the classic Ultimatum in the cube, but it rotates out with the Dream Halls it came in to support. Yay, mana fixing!
Multicolor Inspired Ultimatum Azorius Deserted Beach Saying goodbye to the Dream Halls package (for now) and making room for extra lands.
Multicolor Kenrith, the Returned King Green The Weatherseed Treaty The Weatherseed Treaty doesn't fetch dual lands, but is still a versatile powerhouse for the Domain archetypes. Don't forget about the read-ahead ability - you may be able to skip right to the "Victory!" part. It's also nice to recur with Serra Paragon and Sevinne's Reclamation.
Multicolor Leovold, Emissary of Trest Multicolor Soul of Windgrace Leovold can certainly still hang and will be back in the future, but he demands three colors and has to look out for Hullbreacher this time. Soul of Windgrace is here to support Lands while also being a great midrange threat.
Multicolor Mana Confluence Red Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle We're adding a bit of fixing with the extra lands we're bringing in, but also paying life every turn to make your plays can sometimes come to bite you and in today's era does so more frequently than ever. I've talked enough about Valakut's applications by now, so I'll leave it at that.
Multicolor Sphinx of the Steel Wind Colorless Thopter Foundry The Sphinx of the Steel Wind has become relegated to obnoxious sideboard card, so it's overdue for cutting. Thopter Foundry fuels another new combo when combined with Sword of the Meek, but can also be a great role-player with cards like Staff of the Storyteller, The One Ring, Coveted Jewel, etc.
Colorless Agatha's Soul Cauldron Colorless Unlicensed Hearse The Cauldron is a very cool card, but it's another one of those I'd like to save for another iteration with more support for it. Unlicensed Hearse is more proficient as graveyard hate, because it also presents a pretty lethal clock down the line and Reanimator definitely needs to be kept in check a little.
Colorless City of Traitors Blue Shelldock Isle Shelldock Isle is back! 'Nuff said. Seriously though, this probably was my biggest mistake and I'm walking it back. It also has a nice extra application this time around, because it does combo with Doomsday!
Colorless Kaldra Compleat Colorless Sword of the Meek Stoneforge Mystic will miss Kaldra, but it's often clunky and has limited application outside of that combo. There are also more widely applicable Stoneforge targets coming into the cube with Nettlecyst and Shadowspear. Nothing is keeping us from adding it back again later down the line!
Colorless Mindslaver Colorless Coveted Jewel Not many minds have been successfully enslaved in recent times, and even when it works it's not fun if your opponent makes you play it out, so we'll take a different route with this slot. Are you ready for Jewel Shops? The Jewel can definitely be a double-edged sword, but there are enough sacrifice outlets in this iteration such that you should be able to craft a build that leaves you safe way more often than sorry.
Colorless Mirage Mirror Colorless Manifold Key Mirage Mirror is fine, but only has a few scenarios where it truly gets to shine, so we're pulling it back for now. As for Manifold Key, don't worry, we're not adding Time Vault with it, but there are plenty of other worthwhile applications. Besides just untapping your big mana-rocks like Mana Vault and Grim Monolith, you can combine it with Shorikai, Genesis Engine to make more tokens and draw more cards - not to mention The One Ring - but it's also fun and potent with Sensei's Divining Top and Retrofitter Foundry. Don't forget to make your Constructs unblockable!
Colorless Relic of Progenitus Colorless Soul-Guide Lantern Making this swap because sometimes you don't want to be hitting your own graveyard in order to exile your opponent's.
Colorless Solemn Simulacrum Colorless Roaming Throne Solemn Simulacrum is just OK, and with Birthing Pod out can take a rest. Roaming Throne has a much better body, and with some thoughtful drafting and deckbuilding will easily out-value the sad robot. Try it with new additions Luminarch Aspirant or Najeela, the Blade-Blossom!
Colorless Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger Colorless Cityscape Leveler Casting Ulamog is definitely more devastating, but also a lot harder to do. Leveler does help out Workshop decks and also functions in a wider variety of other archetypes, so we'll give it the nod this time.


Vintage Cube Full Cardlist

Card Name Color
Adeline, Resplendent Cathar White
Archangel Avacyn White
Balance White
Blade Splicer White
Cathar Commando White
Containment Priest White
Council's Judgment White
Damn White
Elite Spellbinder White
Elspeth, Knight-Errant White
Enlightened Tutor White
Esper Sentinel White
Flickerwisp White
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar White
Giver of Runes White
Glimmer Lens White
Guardian Scalelord White
Hero of Bladehold White
Intrepid Adversary White
Karakas White
Kytheon, Hero of Akros White
Leyline Binding White
Lion Sash White
Loran of the Third Path White
Luminarch Aspirant White
Monastery Mentor White
Mother of Runes White
Mox Pearl White
Oust White
Palace Jailer White
Parallax Wave White
Path to Exile White
Portable Hole White
Prismatic Ending White
Ranger-Captain of Eos White
Reprieve White
Samwise the Stouthearted White
Seasoned Hallowblade White
Selfless Spirit White
Serra Paragon White
Sevinne's Reclamation White
Skyclave Apparition White
Solitude White
Staff of the Storyteller White
Steel Seraph White
Stoneforge Mystic White
Swords to Plowshares White
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben White
The Wandering Emperor White
Thraben Inspector White
Timeless Dragon White
Touch the Spirit Realm White
Unexpectedly Absent White
Usher of the Fallen White
Weathered Wayfarer White
Wedding Announcement White
Winds of Abandon White
Wrath of God White
Aether Spellbomb Blue
Ancestral Recall Blue
Astral Dragon Blue
Brain Freeze Blue
Brainstorm Blue
Brazen Borrower Blue
Chart a Course Blue
Chrome Host Seedshark Blue
Counterspell Blue
Cryptic Command Blue
Daze Blue
Dig Through Time Blue
Displacer Kitten Blue
Echo of Eons Blue
Emry, Lurker of the Loch Blue
Faerie Mastermind Blue
Flash Blue
Force of Negation Blue
Force of Will Blue
Frantic Search Blue
Gitaxian Probe Blue
Gush Blue
Hard Evidence Blue
Hedron Crab Blue
High Tide Blue
Hullbreacher Blue
Intuition Blue
Jace, the Mind Sculptor Blue
Jace, Vryn's Prodigy Blue
Jace, Wielder of Mysteries Blue
Kappa Cannoneer Blue
Ledger Shredder Blue
Lórien Revealed Blue
Lose Focus Blue
Malcolm, Alluring Scoundrel Blue
Mana Drain Blue
Mana Leak Blue
Mind's Desire Blue
Miscalculation Blue
Mox Sapphire Blue
Murktide Regent Blue
Mystic Confluence Blue
Mystical Tutor Blue
Narset, Parter of Veils Blue
Otawara, Soaring City Blue
Paradoxical Outcome Blue
Ponder Blue
Preordain Blue
Remand Blue
Rona, Herald of Invasion Blue
Sai, Master Thopterist Blue
Seal of Removal Blue
Shark Typhoon Blue
Shelldock Isle Blue
Show and Tell Blue
Snap Blue
Snapcaster Mage Blue
Spell Pierce Blue
Spellseeker Blue
Subtlety Blue
Tezzeret the Seeker Blue
Thassa's Oracle Blue
Thieving Skydiver Blue
Thought Scour Blue
Time Spiral Blue
Time Walk Blue
Time Warp Blue
Timetwister Blue
Tinker Blue
Tolarian Academy Blue
Treachery Blue
Trinket Mage Blue
True-Name Nemesis Blue
Turnabout Blue
Unctus, Grand Metatect Blue
Upheaval Blue
Urza, Lord High Artificer Blue
Vendilion Clique Blue
Animate Dead Black
Archon of Cruelty Black
Baleful Mastery Black
Beseech the Mirror Black
Bitter Triumph Black
Bloodchief's Thirst Black
Bolas's Citadel Black
Bone Shards Black
Cabal Ritual Black
Collective Brutality Black
Concealing Curtains Black
Contagion Black
Corpse Dance Black
Damnation Black
Dark Confidant Black
Dark Ritual Black
Dauthi Voidwalker Black
Deep-Cavern Bat Black
Demonic Tutor Black
Doomsday Black
Dreams of Steel and Oil Black
Duress Black
Entomb Black
Evolved Sleeper Black
Exhume Black
Fatal Push Black
Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor Black
Grave Titan Black
Graveyard Trespasser Black
Grief Black
Griselbrand Black
Hymn to Tourach Black
Imperial Seal Black
Inquisition of Kozilek Black
Life/Death Black
Liliana of the Veil Black
Massacre Girl Black
Mind Twist Black
Misery's Shadow Black
Mox Jet Black
Necromancy Black
Night's Whisper Black
Ophiomancer Black
Orcish Bowmasters Black
Phyrexian Fleshgorger Black
Putrid Imp Black
Rain of Filth Black
Rankle, Master of Pranks Black
Reanimate Black
Recurring Nightmare Black
Shallow Grave Black
Sheoldred, the Apocalypse Black
Sheoldred's Edict Black
Snuff Out Black
Tenacious Underdog Black
Tendrils of Agony Black
Thoughtseize Black
Tourach, Dread Cantor Black
Toxic Deluge Black
Troll of Khazad-dûm Black
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth Black
Vampire Hexmage Black
Vampiric Tutor Black
Virtue of Persistence Black
Yawgmoth, Thran Physician Black
Yawgmoth's Will Black
Abrade Red
Arc Trail Red
Birgi, God of Storytelling Red
Bomat Courier Red
Bonecrusher Giant Red
Breya's Apprentice Red
Burst Lightning Red
Chain Lightning Red
Chandra, Torch of Defiance Red
Daretti, Scrap Savant Red
Delayed Blast Fireball Red
Dragon's Rage Channeler Red
Earthshaker Khenra Red
Embercleave Red
Embereth Shieldbreaker Red
Etali, Primal Conqueror Red
Experimental Synthesizer Red
Fable of the Mirror-Breaker Red
Faithless Looting Red
Fiery Confluence Red
Fireblast Red
Firebolt Red
Flame Slash Red
Flametongue Kavu Red
Fury Red
Glorybringer Red
Goblin Engineer Red
Goblin Welder Red
Goldspan Dragon Red
Grim Lavamancer Red
Gut, True Soul Zealot Red
Hellrider Red
Inferno Titan Red
Inti, Seneschal of the Sun Red
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider Red
Laelia, the Blade Reforged Red
Lightning Bolt Red
Magda, Brazen Outlaw Red
Monastery Swiftspear Red
Mox Ruby Red
Oliphaunt Red
Phyrexian Dragon Engine Red
Pyrite Spellbomb Red
Pyrokinesis Red
Rabbit Battery Red
Radha's Firebrand Red
Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer Red
Rampaging Ferocidon Red
Rampaging Raptor Red
Rite of Flame Red
Robber of the Rich Red
Scrapwork Mutt Red
Seasoned Pyromancer Red
Seething Song Red
Sneak Attack Red
Soul-Scar Mage Red
Through the Breach Red
Tribal Flames Red
Trumpeting Carnosaur Red
Underworld Breach Red
Valakut Exploration Red
Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle Red
Voldaren Epicure Red
Wheel of Fortune Red
Arboreal Grazer Green
Augur of Autumn Green
Avacyn's Pilgrim Green
Birds of Paradise Green
Boseiju, Who Endures Green
Channel Green
Courser of Kruphix Green
Court of Garenbrig Green
Craterhoof Behemoth Green
Crop Rotation Green
Deep Forest Hermit Green
Deeproot Wayfinder Green
Delighted Halfling Green
Devoted Druid Green
Dryad of the Ilysian Grove Green
Elvish Mystic Green
Elvish Reclaimer Green
Endurance Green
Esika's Chariot Green
Eternal Witness Green
Exploration Green
Fastbond Green
Gaea's Cradle Green
Garruk Wildspeaker Green
Green Sun's Zenith Green
Gruff Triplets Green
Hexdrinker Green
Ignoble Hierarch Green
Kogla, the Titan Ape Green
Life from the Loam Green
Llanowar Elves Green
Lotus Cobra Green
Mox Emerald Green
Natural Order Green
Nature's Claim Green
Nishoba Brawler Green
Nissa, Ascended Animist Green
Nissa, Who Shakes the World Green
Noble Hierarch Green
Ojer Kaslem, Deepest Growth Green
Once Upon a Time Green
Oracle of Mul Daya Green
Outland Liberator Green
Pest Infestation Green
Primeval Titan Green
Prismatic Omen Green
Questing Beast Green
Ramunap Excavator Green
Reclamation Sage Green
Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary Green
Sakura-Tribe Elder Green
Sakura-Tribe Scout Green
Scapeshift Green
Scavenging Ooze Green
Sentinel of the Nameless City Green
Spelunking Green
Sylvan Caryatid Green
Sylvan Library Green
Sylvan Safekeeper Green
Tarmogoyf Green
The Weatherseed Treaty Green
Tireless Tracker Green
Titan of Industry Green
Titania, Protector of Argoth Green
Ulvenwald Oddity Green
Wall of Roots Green
Woodfall Primus Green
Aetherflux Reservoir Colorless
Ancient Tomb Colorless
Andúril, Flame of the West Colorless
Basalt Monolith Colorless
Batterskull Colorless
Black Lotus Colorless
Blightsteel Colossus Colorless
Candelabra of Tawnos Colorless
Chrome Mox Colorless
Cityscape Leveler Colorless
Coalition Relic Colorless
Coveted Jewel Colorless
Crucible of Worlds Colorless
Currency Converter Colorless
Dark Depths Colorless
Dismember Colorless
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn Colorless
Everflowing Chalice Colorless
Field of the Dead Colorless
Grim Monolith Colorless
Hangarback Walker Colorless
Heart of Kiran Colorless
Helm of Awakening Colorless
Karn, Scion of Urza Colorless
Library of Alexandria Colorless
Lightning Greaves Colorless
Lion's Eye Diamond Colorless
Lotus Petal Colorless
Mana Crypt Colorless
Mana Vault Colorless
Manifold Key Colorless
Memory Jar Colorless
Mishra's Bauble Colorless
Mishra's Factory Colorless
Mishra's Workshop Colorless
Mox Diamond Colorless
Mox Opal Colorless
Mutavault Colorless
Myr Battlesphere Colorless
Mystic Forge Colorless
Nettlecyst Colorless
Palantír of Orthanc Colorless
Patchwork Automaton Colorless
Pentad Prism Colorless
Phyrexian Metamorph Colorless
Phyrexian Revoker Colorless
Porcelain Legionnaire Colorless
Portal to Phyrexia Colorless
Retrofitter Foundry Colorless
Roaming Throne Colorless
Sensei's Divining Top Colorless
Shadowspear Colorless
Skullclamp Colorless
Skysovereign, Consul Flagship Colorless
Smuggler's Copter Colorless
Sol Ring Colorless
Soul-Guide Lantern Colorless
Strip Mine Colorless
Sundering Titan Colorless
Sword of the Meek Colorless
The Mightstone and Weakstone Colorless
The One Ring Colorless
Thespian's Stage Colorless
Thopter Foundry Colorless
Thran Dynamo Colorless
Triplicate Titan Colorless
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Colorless
Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre Colorless
Umezawa's Jitte Colorless
Unlicensed Hearse Colorless
Urza's Saga Colorless
Walking Ballista Colorless
Wasteland Colorless
Wurmcoil Engine Colorless
Zuran Orb Colorless
Celestial Colonnade Azorius
Deserted Beach Azorius
Flooded Strand Azorius
Fractured Identity Azorius
Hallowed Fountain Azorius
Seachrome Coast Azorius
Shorikai, Genesis Engine Azorius
Talisman of Progress Azorius
Tameshi, Reality Architect Azorius
Teferi, Hero of Dominaria Azorius
Teferi, Time Raveler Azorius
Tundra Azorius
Arid Mesa Boros
Figure of Destiny Boros
Forth Eorlingas! Boros
Inspiring Vantage Boros
Otharri, Suns' Glory Boros
Plateau Boros
Restless Bivouac Boros
Sacred Foundry Boros
Showdown of the Skalds Boros
Sunbaked Canyon Boros
Talisman of Conviction Boros
Zirda, the Dawnwaker Boros
Baleful Strix Dimir
Creeping Tar Pit Dimir
Darkslick Shores Dimir
Ertai Resurrected Dimir
Fallen Shinobi Dimir
Kaito Shizuki Dimir
Polluted Delta Dimir
Sunken Ruins Dimir
Talisman of Dominance Dimir
Underground Sea Dimir
Watery Grave Dimir
Bayou Golgari
Blooming Marsh Golgari
Golgari Rot Farm Golgari
Grist, the Hunger Tide Golgari
Mosswood Dreadknight Golgari
Nurturing Peatland Golgari
Overgrown Tomb Golgari
Tear Asunder Golgari
Verdant Catacombs Golgari
Witherbloom Command Golgari
Copperline Gorge Gruul
Escape to the Wilds Gruul
Gruul Turf Gruul
Manamorphose Gruul
Minsc & Boo, Timeless Heroes Gruul
Orcish Lumberjack Gruul
Questing Druid Gruul
Raging Ravine Gruul
Stomping Ground Gruul
Taiga Gruul
Territorial Kavu Gruul
Wooded Foothills Gruul
Wrenn and Six Gruul
Dack Fayden Izzet
Expressive Iteration Izzet
Fiery Islet Izzet
Fire/Ice Izzet
Saheeli, Sublime Artificer Izzet
Scalding Tarn Izzet
Spirebluff Canal Izzet
Steam Vents Izzet
Stormcarved Coast Izzet
Talisman of Creativity Izzet
Third Path Iconoclast Izzet
Volcanic Island Izzet
Ashen Rider Orzhov
Concealed Courtyard Orzhov
Godless Shrine Orzhov
Lingering Souls Orzhov
Lurrus of the Dream-Den Orzhov
Marsh Flats Orzhov
Scrubland Orzhov
Shattered Sanctum Orzhov
Silent Clearing Orzhov
Tidehollow Sculler Orzhov
Vindicate Orzhov
Badlands Rakdos
Blackcleave Cliffs Rakdos
Blood Crypt Rakdos
Bloodstained Mire Rakdos
Bloodtithe Harvester Rakdos
Fire Covenant Rakdos
Haunted Ridge Rakdos
Kolaghan's Command Rakdos
Molten Collapse Rakdos
Restless Vents Rakdos
Valki, God of Lies Rakdos
Vial Smasher the Fierce Rakdos
Horizon Canopy Selesnya
Knight of the Reliquary Selesnya
Qasali Pridemage Selesnya
Razorverge Thicket Selesnya
Renegade Rallier Selesnya
Savannah Selesnya
Selesnya Sanctuary Selesnya
Simic Growth Chamber Selesnya
Temple Garden Selesnya
Torsten, Founder of Benalia Selesnya
Windswept Heath Selesnya
Botanical Sanctum Simic
Breeding Pool Simic
Misty Rainforest Simic
Oko, Thief of Crowns Simic
Sail into the West Simic
Talisman of Curiosity Simic
Tamiyo, Collector of Tales Simic
Tropical Island Simic
Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath Simic
Waterlogged Grove Simic
Atraxa, Grand Unifier Multicolor
Bring to Light Multicolor
Golos, Tireless Pilgrim Multicolor
Indatha Triome Multicolor
Jetmir's Garden Multicolor
Ketria Triome Multicolor
Najeela, the Blade-Blossom Multicolor
Omnath, Locus of Creation Multicolor
Prismatic Vista Multicolor
Raffine's Tower Multicolor
Raugrin Triome Multicolor
Savai Triome Multicolor
Soul of Windgrace Multicolor
Spara's Headquarters Multicolor
Wild Nacatl Multicolor
Xander's Lounge Multicolor
Zagoth Triome Multicolor
Ziatora's Proving Ground Multicolor