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Vintage Cube Cardlist

Below are the full card list and change list for the latest iteration of the Vintage Cube. Click the drop-down buttons to view the change log and the full list! Cube design maven Carmen Handy has all of the latest updates in today’s article – give that a read before you begin playing!

Updated: December 21, 2022


12/20: After initial publication, Turnabout was replaced by Gush in the Cube.

12/21: A list error was corrected - Satoru Umezawa is part of the Cube, and Fallen Shinobi is not  

Vintage Cube Cardlist Changes

Cards In Cards Out
Loran of the Third Path Swift Reconfiguration
Steel Seraph Extraction Specialist
Temporary Lockdown Gideon Blackblade
Destroy Evil Disenchant
Arcane Proxy The Reality Chip
Ledger Shredder Sea Gate Stormcaller
Consider Portent
Sheoldred, the Apocalypse Gonti, Lord of Luxury
Braids, Arisen Nightmare Bone Shredder
Graveyard Tresspasser Sedgemoor Witch
Evolved Sleeper Carrion Feeder
Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor Nighthawk Scavenger
Krark, the Thumbless Voltaic Visionary
Rolling Earthquake Firebolt
Argoth, Sanctum of Nature Volrath's Stronghold
Titania, Voice of Gaea Dryad of the Ilysian Grove
Kodama's Reach Cultivate
Bushwhack Exploration
Mishra's Bauble Fyndhorn Elves
Timeless Lotus Gilded Lotus
Cityscape Leveler Emrakul, the Promised End
Spell Queller Geist of Saint Traft
Bloodtithe Harvester Ob Nixilis, the Adversary
Eladamri's Call Aura Shards
Meria, Scholar of Antiquity Halana and Alena, Partners
Minsc & Boo, Timeless Heroes Unburial Rites
Fiend Artisan Assassin's Trophy
Aurelia, the Warleader General Ferrous Rokiric
Koma, Cosmos Serpent Tamiyo, Compleated Sage

Vintage Cube Full Cardlist

Card Name Color
Giver of Runes White
Esper Sentinel White
Lion Sash White
Mother of Runes White
Student of Warfare White
Thraben Inspector White
Containment Priest White
Selfless Spirit White
Soulfire Grand Master White
Stoneforge Mystic White
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben White
Steel Seraph White
Wall of Omens White
Leonin Relic-Warder White
Blade Splicer White
Skyclave Apparition White
Monastery Mentor White
Recruiter of the Guard White
Intrepid Adversary White
Adeline, Resplendent Cathar White
Flickerwisp White
Vryn Wingmare White
Silverblade Paladin White
Restoration Angel White
Hero of Bladehold White
The Wandering Emperor White
Karmic Guide White
Winds of Abandon White
Baneslayer Angel White
Elspeth Resplendent White
Sun Titan White
Spectral Procession White
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite White
Karakas White
Mox Pearl White
Loran of the Third Path White
Palace Jailer White
Land Tax White
Mana Tithe White
Path to Exile White
Swords to Plowshares White
Balance White
Destroy Evil White
History of Benalia White
Oust White
Oblivion Ring White
Cathar Commando White
Council's Judgment White
Temporary Lockdown White
Ephemerate White
Armageddon White
Usher of the Fallen White
Ravages of War White
Damn White
Elspeth, Knight Errant White
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar White
Elite Spellbinder White
Parallax Wave White
Wrath of God White
Elspeth, Sun's Champion White
Solitude White
Gideon Jura White
Adanto Vanguard White
Archangel Avacyn White
Iona, Shield of Emeria White
Thassa's Oracle Blue
Spell Pierce Blue
Baral, Chief of Compliance Blue
Daze Blue
Mana Leak Blue
Phantasmal Image Blue
Remand Blue
Snapcaster Mage Blue
Thieving Skydiver Blue
Counterspell Blue
Mana Drain Blue
Deceiver Exarch Blue
Pestermite Blue
Spellseeker Blue
Trinket Mage Blue
Shark Typhoon Blue
Force of Negation Blue
Narset, Parter of Veils Blue
Vendilion Clique Blue
Memory Deluge Blue
Gilded Drake Blue
Glen Elendra Archmage Blue
Jace, the Mind Sculptor Blue
Sower of Temptation Blue
Urza, Lord High Artificer Blue
Venser, Shaper Savant Blue
Mulldrifter Blue
Bribery Blue
Echo of Eons Blue
Tezzeret the Seeker Blue
Treachery Blue
Consecrated Sphinx Blue
Hullbreaker Horror Blue
Arcane Proxy Blue
Upheaval Blue
Inkwell Leviathan Blue
Shelldock Isle Blue
Ancestral Vision Blue
Mox Sapphire Blue
Gitaxian Probe Blue
Ancestral Recall Blue
Brainstorm Blue
Mystical Tutor Blue
Ponder Blue
Preordain Blue
Brain Freeze Blue
Chart a Course Blue
Consider Blue
Miscalculation Blue
Time Walk Blue
Emry, Lurker of the Loch Blue
Frantic Search Blue
Show and Tell Blue
Thirst for Discovery Blue
Timetwister Blue
Tinker Blue
Fact or Fiction Blue
Cryptic Command Blue
Mystic Confluence Blue
Gush Blue
Riftwing Cloudskate Blue
Force of Will Blue
Mind's Desire Blue
Time Spiral Blue
Palinchron Blue
Treasure Cruise Blue
Dig Through Time Blue
Repeal Blue
Jace, Vryn's Prodigy Blue
Murktide Regent Blue
Ledger Shredder Blue
Suspicious Stowaway Blue
Brazen Borrower Blue
Time Warp Blue
High Tide Blue
Opposition Blue
Cryptbreaker Black
Duress Black
Fatal Push Black
Inquisition of Kozilek Black
Thoughtseize Black
Cabal Ritual Black
Collective Brutality Black
Dark Confidant Black
Bloodchief's Thirst Black
Skyclave Shade Black
Custodi Lich Black
Mesmeric Fiend Black
Night's Whisper Black
Snuff Out Black
Wishclaw Talisman Black
Hymn to Tourach Black
Scrapheap Scrounger Black
Braids, Arisen Nightmare Black
Ophiomancer Black
Bone Shards Black
Toxic Deluge Black
Hero's Downfall Black
Woe Strider Black
Murderous Rider Black
Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor Black
Damnation Black
Sheoldred, the Apocalypse Black
Graveyard Trespasser Black
Liliana, the Last Hope Black
Ravenous Chupacabra Black
Braids, Cabal Minion Black
Shriekmaw Black
Bloodghast Black
Dauthi Voidwalker Black
Grief Black
Bazaar of Baghdad Black
Rishadan Port Black
Mox Jet Black
Dark Ritual Black
Entomb Black
Imperial Seal Black
Putrid Imp Black
Reanimate Black
Vampiric Tutor Black
Animate Dead Black
Demonic Tutor Black
Exhume Black
Oona's Prowler Black
Pack Rat Black
Shallow Grave Black
Infernal Grasp Black
Evolved Sleeper Black
Necromancy Black
Recurring Nightmare Black
Yawgmoth's Will Black
Liliana of the Veil Black
Makeshift Mannequin Black
Tendrils of Agony Black
Takenuma, Abandoned Mire Black
Grave Titan Black
Corpse Dance Black
Massacre Wurm Black
Vampire Hexmage Black
Griselbrand Black
Mind Twist Black
Bitterblossom Black
Archon of Cruelty Black
Bolas's Citadel Black
Goblin Guide Red
Goblin Welder Red
Grim Lavamancer Red
Monastery Swiftspear Red
Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer Red
Bomat Courier Red
Abbot of Keral Keep Red
Dire Fleet Daredevil Red
Bloodthirsty Adversary Red
Embereth Shieldbreaker Red
Runaway Steam-Kin Red
Young Pyromancer Red
Eidolon of the Great Revel Red
Char Red
Goblin Rabblemaster Red
Imperial Recruiter Red
Magda, Brazen Outlaw Red
Seething Song Red
Wheel of Fortune Red
Seasoned Pyromancer Red
Sulfuric Vortex Red
Avalanche Riders Red
Bonecrusher Giant Red
Hazoret the Fervent Red
Hellrider Red
Pia and Kiran Nalaar Red
Fable of the Mirror Breaker Red
Fury Red
Thundermaw Hellkite Red
Glorybringer Red
Goldspan Dragon Red
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Red
Inferno Titan Red
Strip Mine Red
Wasteland Red
Mox Ruby Red
Burst Lightning Red
Chain Lightning Red
Rolling Earthquake Red
Unholy Heat Red
Lightning Bolt Red
Abrade Red
Krark, the Thumbless Red
Desperate Ritual Red
Incinerate Red
Red Elemental Blast Red
Goblin Bombardment Red
Pyretic Ritual Red
Underworld Breach Red
Light Up the Stage Red
Birgi, God of Storytelling Red
Daretti, Scrap Savant Red
Past in Flames Red
Sneak Attack Red
Chandra, Torch of Defiance Red
Laelia, the Blade Reforged Red
Koth of the Hammer Red
Splinter Twin Red
Through the Breach Red
Dragon's Rage Channeler Red
Fireblast Red
Mizzium Mortars Red
Jokulhaups Red
Zealous Conscripts Red
Ignite Memories Red
Faithless Looting Red
Mana Flare Red
Boseiju, Who Endures Green
Arbor Elf Green
Crop Rotation Green
Birds of Paradise Green
Ignoble Hierarch Green
Elvish Mystic Green
Fastbond Green
Joraga Treespeaker Green
Llanowar Elves Green
Noble Hierarch Green
Birthing Pod Green
Oath of Druids Green
Regrowth Green
Sakura-Tribe Elder Green
Survival of the Fittest Green
Sylvan Caryatid Green
Sylvan Library Green
Wall of Roots Green
Channel Green
Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary Green
Kodama's Reach Green
Utopia Sprawl Green
Bushwhack Green
Courser of Kruphix Green
Circle of Dreams Druid Green
Oracle of Mul Daya Green
Eureka Green
Life from the Loam Green
Natural Order Green
Kogla, the Titan Ape Green
Tovolar's Huntmaster Green
Primeval Titan Green
Augur of Autumn Green
Green Sun's Zenith Green
Finale of Devastation Green
Gaea's Cradle Green
Mox Emerald Green
Pest Infestation Green
Nissa, Vastwood Seer Green
Devoted Druid Green
Titania, Voice of Gaea Green
Elvish Reclaimer Green
Scavenging Ooze Green
Endurance Green
Whisperwood Elemental Green
Ramunap Excavator Green
Reclamation Sage Green
Eternal Witness Green
Garruk Relentless Green
Elder Gargaroth Green
Garruk Wildspeaker Green
Argoth, Sanctum of Nature Green
Hexdrinker Green
Polukranos, World Eater Green
Questing Beast Green
Thragtusk Green
Acidic Slime Green
Hornet Queen Green
Deranged Hermit Green
Nissa, Who Shakes the World Green
Toski, Bearer of Secrets Green
Magus of the Order Green
Avenger of Zendikar Green
Craterhoof Behemoth Green
Woodfall Primus Green
Tireless Tracker Green
Heartbeat of Spring Green
Terastodon Green
Plow Under Green
Bloodtithe Harvester Rakdos
Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger Rakdos
Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast Rakdos
Kolaghan's Command Rakdos
Olivia, Crimson Bride Rakdos
Yorion, Sky Nomad Azorius
Teferi, Time Raveler Azorius
Fractured Identity Azorius
Teferi, Hero of Dominaria Azorius
Spell Queller Azorius
Figure of Destiny Boros
Lightning Helix Boros
Showdown of the Skalds Boros
Nahiri, the Harbinger Boros
Aurelia, the Warleader Boros
Koma, Cosmos Serpent Simic
Oko, Thief of Crowns Simic
Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath Simic
Edric, Spymaster of Trest Simic
Hydroid Krasis Simic
Lingering Souls Orzhov
Tidehollow Sculler Orzhov
Lurrus of the Dream-Den Orzhov
Vindicate Orzhov
Ashen Rider Orzhov
Manamorphose Gruul
Minsc & Boo, Timeless Heroes Gruul
Wrenn and Six Gruul
Meria, Scholar of Antiquity Gruul
Huntmaster of the Fells Gruul
Escape to the Wilds Gruul
Baleful Strix Dimir
Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver Dimir
Kaito Shizuki Dimir
Satoru Umezawa Dimir
The Scarab God Dimir
Kitchen Finks Selesnya
Knight of Autumn Selesnya
Knight of the Reliquary Selesnya
Eladamri's Call Selesnya
Mirari's Wake Selesnya
Goblin Electromancer Izzet
Dack Fayden Izzet
Expressive Iteration Izzet
Thousand-Year Storm Izzet
Expansion // Explosion Izzet
Fiend Artisan Golgari
Maelstrom Pulse Golgari
Witherbloom Command Golgari
Grist, the Hunger Tide Golgari
Vraska, Golgari Queen Golgari
Progenitus Multicolor
Leovold, Emissary of Trest Multicolor
Omnath, Locus of Creation Multicolor
Sphinx of the Steel Wind Multicolor
Niv-Mizzet, Reborn Multicolor
Ancient Tomb Land
Badlands Land
Blackcleave Cliffs Land
Blood Crypt Land
Bloodstained Mire Land
Celestial Colonnade Land
Flooded Strand Land
Hallowed Fountain Land
Lavaclaw Reaches Land
Library of Alexandria Land
Urza's Saga Land
Mishra's Workshop Land
Prismatic Vista Land
Seachrome Coast Land
Tolarian Academy Land
Tundra Land
Arid Mesa Land
Botanical Sanctum Land
Breeding Pool Land
Inspiring Vantage Land
Waterlogged Grove Land
Mishra's Factory Land
Misty Rainforest Land
Mutavault Land
Sunbaked Canyon Land
Plateau Land
Sacred Foundry Land
Tropical Island Land
Concealed Courtyard Land
Copperline Gorge Land
Godless Shrine Land
Marsh Flats Land
Field of the Dead Land
Raging Ravine Land
Scrubland Land
Silent Clearing Land
Stomping Ground Land
Taiga Land
Wooded Foothills Land
Creeping Tar Pit Land
Darkslick Shores Land
Polluted Delta Land
Razorverge Thicket Land
Savannah Land
Horizon Canopy Land
Temple Garden Land
Underground Sea Land
Watery Grave Land
Windswept Heath Land
Bayou Land
Blooming Marsh Land
Nurturing Peatland Land
Overgrown Tomb Land
Scalding Tarn Land
Spirebluff Canal Land
Steam Vents Land
Verdant Catacombs Land
Volcanic Island Land
Fiery Islet Land
Spara's Headquarters Land
Xander's Lounge Land
Jetmir's Garden Land
Raffine's Tower Land
Ziatora's Proving Ground Land
Ketria Triome Land
Raugrin Triome Land
Zagoth Triome Land
Indatha Triome Land
Savai Triome Land
Thespian's Stage Land
Dark Depths Land
Academy Ruins Land
Black Lotus Colorless
Mishra's Bauble Colorless
Chrome Mox Colorless
Everflowing Chalice Colorless
Mana Crypt Colorless
Mox Diamond Colorless
Mana Vault Colorless
Sol Ring Colorless
Azorius Signet Colorless
Rakdos Signet Colorless
Boros Signet Colorless
Simic Signet Colorless
Winter Orb Colorless
Crucible of Worlds Colorless
Tangle Wire Colorless
Lodestone Golem Colorless
Smokestack Colorless
Karn Liberated Colorless
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Colorless
Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger Colorless
Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre Colorless
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn Colorless
Lotus Bloom Colorless
Lion's Eye Diamond Colorless
Skullclamp Colorless
Unlicensed Hearse Colorless
Retrofitter Foundry Colorless
Gruul Signet Colorless
Lotus Petal Colorless
Orzhov Signet Colorless
Umezawa's Jitte Colorless
Coalition Relic Colorless
Sword of Body and Mind Colorless
Sword of Feast and Famine Colorless
Sword of Fire and Ice Colorless
Timeless Lotus Colorless
Batterskull Colorless
Wurmcoil Engine Colorless
Relic of Progenitus Colorless
Sensei's Divining Top Colorless
Dimir Signet Colorless
Phyrexian Revoker Colorless
Selesnya Signet Colorless
Dismember Colorless
Oblivion Stone Colorless
Phyrexian Metamorph Colorless
Memory Jar Colorless
Mindslaver Colorless
Hangarback Walker Colorless
Walking Ballista Colorless
Cityscape Leveler Colorless
Golgari Signet Colorless
Grim Monolith Colorless
Izzet Signet Colorless
Smuggler's Copter Colorless
Porcelain Legionnaire Colorless
Basalt Monolith Colorless
Metalworker Colorless
Worn Powerstone Colorless
Karn, Scion of Urza Colorless
Thran Dynamo Colorless
Golos, Tireless Pilgrim Colorless
Kuldotha Forgemaster Colorless
Myr Battlesphere Colorless
Sundering Titan Colorless
Blightsteel Colossus Colorless
Coercive Portal Colorless