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Magic Online Constructed Events

Magic Online runs events around the clock. No matter when the urge to play strikes, you can log on and find events to join in any Magic format, from 2-person Queues to giant events with hundreds of other players! This page is dedicated to Constructed Events, so if you're looking to test your favorite deck against others in the format, read on!


Constructed Leagues

Constructed Leagues are available in Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Pauper, and Pioneer formats.

League Begin/Close/End Dates: Listed in game client (Constructed tab prior to joining event, Event Details window after joining event)
Location: Click Constructed tab, choose your format, then click on the League box
Entry Options:

Structure: Up to 5 matches
Format: Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Pauper, and Pioneer

Wins Play Points Treasure Chests QPs
5 Wins 150 Play Points 11 Treasure Chests 5
4 Wins 120 Play Points 5 Treasure Chests 2
3 Wins 100 Play Points 1 Treasure Chest 1
2 Wins 50 Play Points None 0

Constructed Queues

Constructed Queues assure that you'll be able to find a match whenever you want, no matter what Constructed format you're looking for!

Constructed Two-Player Queue

Constructed two-player single elimination queues include the following formats:

Start Time: Fire on demand
Location: Click Constructed tab, then click your chosen format (for Momir Basic, click Specialty)
Entry Options:

Size: 2 players
Play Style: Single Elimination
Duration: One round, lasting up to 50 minutes

Place Prizes QPs
1st 30 Play Points 0
2nd 5 Play Points 0

Format Challenges

To create exciting, high-level play experiences across a variety of formats, the Magic Online team hosts a variety of regularly scheduled Challenge Events! Don't see your favorite format represented? We're always listening to user feedback and evaluating new formats to build events around. Let us know what you'd like to see on our Twitter or our Discord!

Event details and schedules for all currently-running Format Challenges can be found here.


Battle the best in the Magic: The Gathering Online Premier Play Program.

Whether you want to focus on a single format or dabble in a variety of event types, whether you want to qualify for the Regional Championship, Pro Tour or the end-of-season Magic Online Champions Showcase and a share of its $70,000 prize pool and 2 World Championship invitations, now more than ever you can play your way with the Magic Online Premier Play Program.

Use Qualifier Points (QPs) you earn in other events to join Magic Online Premier Play events. Check out the full details of the Program to learn more.