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Magic Online Transition Details

Posted on Oct 11, 2022

Magic Online will officially transfer from Wizards of the Coast's servers to Daybreak's servers starting at 9 a.m. Pacific time (16:00 UTC) next Tuesday, October 18.



An extended downtime is expected—allow eight to ten hours, barring any unforeseen issues. We will not rush as we want to ensure all our services (Store, Trade, Game Servers, Collections) work as you expect before we go live.


The most important thing to know is that, where possible, your customer experience within the game—how you join games, how you build decks, and how you compete in events—will not change.

That said, there will be a couple key differences in how you access help outside the game:

How can you contact us to provide feedback? Our Twitter account and the r/mtgo Reddit community are reviewed daily, and you can also provide general thoughts and reimbursement requests at our new support site. For bug reports, the new MTGO forums are the best place to log issues where our team can see them, and you can upvote/like existing issues like our previous systems. We hope to have additional methods of contacting us available soon.


Streets of New Capenna will be the last set to be offered under the current pricing and limited-time redemption structures. Orders for that expansion's redemption sets close at 9:00 a.m. Pacific (16:00 UTC) tomorrow, as previously scheduled.

Starting with Dominaria United, redemption sets for Standard-legal expansions will be offered on a while-supplies-last basis. Once our limited stock runs out, no more sets of that expansion will be available to purchase—whether that takes a few months or a couple of years.

We are glad to be able to continue offering this unique service to our customers. Unfortunately, there are cost increases across the board—from getting the sets printed and shipped to our warehouse in San Diego to the general climb in shipping and energy costs. While we can absorb some of those increases, we do have to make significant changes.

The purchase price of a redemption token in the MTGO Store will rise to $35. Shipping fees will also go up—$10 for domestic orders and $35 for international orders. (All prices are in US Dollars.) Another key change: the shipping costs are now per item instead of per order.

The ordering process remains the same—you purchase the Token and its shipping cost (the payment processing will look slightly different as it will be handled through Daybreak's web-based system), we pull the cards from your MTGO account overnight the following Tuesday, then shipping takes place a few days later (longer during holiday periods). Purchasers remain responsible for all taxes and import duties/customs costs. Once we are up from downtime next Tuesday, full details can be viewed at our Redemption Policy page.

Dominaria United redemption sales are delayed due to the transition. Our current target date to open redemption sales is Tuesday, October 25, at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time (16:00 UTC). Please watch MTGO's Twitter page or the Weekly Announcements Blog at the new for any date-change announcements.

That's it—we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!



Q: Do I need to do anything with my account to prepare for the transition?

A: No action is required prior to October 18. To improve client performance, you can take the following recommended action:


Q: What is the estimated time this will take?

A: We project a minimum of 8–10 hours to complete the transition. Once it is complete, to verify stability of the game, we will turn on some functions in waves:

Information on the status of each wave will be posted on the @MagicOnline Twitter account.


Q: Do I need to install a new client?

A: Yes. Once downtime starts on October 18, uninstall the current Wizards version of the client. Then when the game is announced to be back up again, download the Daybreak version of the client from


Q: Will anything be different about Daybreak's version of MTGO after I open it or are there changes to functionality?

A: There will be two main differences:

Beyond that, MTGO will look exactly the same post-transition. All Leagues will still be active until their previously announced end dates. Queues and Scheduled Events will be re-posted just like any other downtime.


Q: Will I lose anything from my account in this process?

A: No. All items in your Collection at the start of the transition downtime will be copied from Wizards servers to Daybreak servers. All of those items will be available in your account once downtime is complete and you have the new version of the client installed.


Q: Will I retain my status, points, avatars, standing, etc.?

A: Yes. Play Points, Event Tickets, Leaderboard trophies in the current Leagues, Avatars, and all other objects in your Collection will be the same post-downtime as it was pre-downtime.


Q: Will I be able to access my account and buy things while the move is happening?

A: No. Accounts will be inaccessible as with any normal downtime. The Store and Account Creation will likewise be disabled during the transition period.


Q: How do I get help post-transition?

A: Once the transition ends, you can click Daybreak's MTGO support site. Links to the support site are also available within the help section inside the game.

The MTGO support site's landing page contains a knowledge base with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Support Home Page

If you still need assistance at that point, you want to provide feedback, or you want to file for reimbursement:

Page


Q: How can I report a bug without requesting reimbursement?

A: Like past systems, Magic Online will have a forum available a few days after transition downtime (current projection: October 21st). That forum will be accessible at If someone has already reported your issue, you can upvote it.

Forums Home


Q: I had an unresolved ticket with Wizards customer service regarding Magic Online. Will that ticket be transferred to Daybreak customer service?

A: No. Any tickets not resolved by Wizards customer service by the time downtime starts on October 18 will be closed. Once Daybreak's support site is live when downtime ends, you can submit a ticket there.


Q: What happens when I change my MTGO password and then try to log in to the support site?

A: The password will automatically update for the support site.