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New Horizons for Magic Online Vintage Cube

Posted on Jun 21, 2024

By Chris Wolf & Ryan Spain

Greetings, Vintage Cube enthusiasts! Welcome to the Modern Horizons 3 update of the Magic Online Vintage Cube, which goes live for a three-week run starting next Wednesday, June 26th! As expected, the latest installment of the straight-to-Modern series is packed with powerful, intriguing options for Vintage Cube—so many that not everything that deserves a shot made it in this time, but there are always future iterations right around the corner, so we will get to them in due time!

Speaking of things we will get to, thanks to everyone who took the time to vote on Discord for what themes and archetypes from the options offered that you’d most like to see in the future. It was an informative result, and we will be looking to bring you a Power Max themed Cube with the initiative and other nonsense when it makes sense in our schedule, and we can fully deliver on the premise. For now, we will focus on the significant power infusion of a Modern Horizons set. With a lot of directions to go, where did the horizon lead us in this iteration?

Incoming Archetypes

Graveyard Matters 

We did not expect Bazaar of Baghdad and Survival of the Fittest to make such a swift return, but MH3 makes a very compelling case for them. 

While we aren’t digging as deep as on this archetype as we did last time, we did want to honor the arrival of these new bangers. And it doesn’t even end with the three cards that end in “goyf. Detective’s Phoenix, Malevolent Rumble and Bloodbraid Challenger further suggest increased support for graveyard shenanigans. Psychic Frog is no slouch either, and Wight of the Reliquary interacts both with the graveyard and the next returning archetype. 


Marit Lage is back with another way to break her from the ice in Shifting Woodlands, together with a new universal land tutor stapled on a decent body in Sowing Mycospawn. Wight of the Reliquary can help tutor them up together with its older brother Knight of the Reliquary and Crop Rotation. And it also doesn’t end here. 

Fastbond can once again deliver copious amounts of landfall triggers with bouncelands. OTJ brought us Bristly Bill, Spine Sower and MH3 adds Springheart Nantuko, so we wanted to give the Landfall archetype another turn to shine as a lot of these cards intertwine nicely. Speaking of synergistic interactions… 

While not really an archetype, this combo has been tearing up pretty much all the eternal Constructed formats, we figured it was worth mentioning. While the go-to Constructed piece Shuko isn’t justifiable in Vintage Cube, Lightning Greaves does a good impression of it while supporting other archetypes in the Cube, with Bristly Bill further helping the cause. Since we’re playing singleton here, you aren’t going to pull off Constructed-like turns with Nadu very often, if ever. But luckily all of these cards are great on rate. 

Turning up the Heat

Not really a full archetype either, but nonetheless an interesting mention. Flare of Duplication holds some real promise in making Burn a real thing again, copying Fireblast or Fiery Confluence for massive amounts of damage. Couple that with the Char-obsoleting Ghostfire Slice and we might have a new old strategy on our hands—and if your opponent happens to control a multicolored permanent, you’re even looking at a better Lightning Bolt!


Celebrating its return this time as the combo deck alongside Storm is Doomsday. Nothing new here, just a variety swap to keep things fresh.

Leaving the Cube

Dream Halls

Dream Halls has captured many combo player’s hearts, but it’s also difficult support so many different variations of combo decks in the Cube at the same time. This time, we’re giving Doomsday the nod, but rest assured, the Halls to realize your Dreams will be back!

Subsiding the Storm

Last time we talked quite a bit about Storm and took steps and measures in hopes of improving its standing in the Vintage Cube archetype hierarchy. Unfortunately, our efforts didn’t improve things by much, and with the nature of the archetype being inherently parasitic—requiring cards to function that few or no other archetypes need—we are cutting back on the worst performers. Storm occupies a special place in a lot of player’s hearts and we feel that it should stick around, just not with extra support that wasn’t making it any more successful to draft.


One of our more experimental archetypes last time around. It did not perform poorly, but is also easy to let go of. If you’ve become a real fan of Proft’s Eidetic Memory, let us know over on our Discord!

Big Mean Green

This has been a long time coming. Green Ramp is no longer what it once was, especially with Vintage Cube inching closer and closer to Eternal-Constructed gameplay. With a lot of cheap interaction and very efficient threats, ramping out big-mana creatures is a huge ask in modern Vintage Cube. If you’re trying to cast expensive stuff with your mana dorks, when they bolt the bird it devastates the plan and you stare at uncastable heavies until dead. If you are simply trying to speed out 3s and 4s, you can still cast some value beaters on curve and force your opponent to have more than just a removal spell for a cheap creature to beat you. We recognize that some of these departing cards are iconic and beloved by many, so they are likely to stop by for visits often.

Card Comments

That’s a high-level look at the changes, but as has become the standard under Daybreak, the card-by-card design comments will give you a closer look at all the swaps we made and why. We hope you enjoy this installment of the Magic Online Vintage Cube, and we look forward to seeing what cards from MH3 become new staples. Tell us what you think over in the Magic Online Discord!


Color Card In Design Comment
White Ajani, Nacatl Pariah One of MH3’s biggest hits, Ajani holds a lot of promise to become a Vintage Cube staple for years to come.
White Eagles of the North The Eagles are back from the bench. A reasonable inclusion in general, it has some extra appeal this time with Detective’s Phoenix in the mix looking for CMC to consume from the graveyard.
White Ocelot Pride Some folks are already calling this "White Ragavan" and it can snowball out of control, especially when combined with additional sources of lifegain.
White Phelia, Exuberant Shepherd Phelia is going to be an absolute banger for Vintage Cube. You can combine this with Containment Priest to permanently exile your opponent’s creatures, reset your Parallax Wave, or simply use it to blink your creatures for additional ETB triggers.
White White Orchid Phantom With many powerful, must-destroy lands like Tolarian Academy and Gaea’s Cradle around, White Orchid Phantom has the potential to do some important work for the decks that can handle the double white.
Blue Dress Down Dress Down is a great way to counter a Thassa’s Oracle win, plays well against Constructs and the growing ‘goyf count, and can set up your titans to stick around without having to escape them from the graveyard. Plus, it’s never truly a blank.
Blue Gush Gush is one of the best ways to immediately kill your opponent after resolving a Doomsday, but it also works with the Lands package and regular Storm.
Blue Jace, Wielder of Mysteries While this Jace can do some work outside of a Doomsday package, he’s back in the curation because of it.
Blue Tamiyo, Inquisitive Student Tamiyo enters the Vintage Cube with tons of potential—the front side provides continuous value and fuels cards like Tolarian Academy, and there’s a great Planeswalker waiting on the back.
Blue Thassa's Oracle Thoracle is back in support of Doomsday.
Black Barrowgoyf Lifelink is huge for black, and deathtouch ensures it has value even with fairly empty graveyards. Once it starts connecting, it generates value and keeps fueling itself.
Black Bazaar of Baghdad One of the two signposts of the Madness/Graveyard strategies. It can be used to fuel your graveyard for Hogaak and titans, used as a discard outlet for reanimation strategies, and madness and can be mitigated by Urborg and Yavimaya.
Black Bloodghast Bloodghast works well in the Survival/Bazaar strategies, and pairs well with Skullclamp and new addition Wight of the Reliquary.
Black Crabomination The crab monster is one of those reanimate-or-hard-cast threats that goes a long way. The body is somewhat lackluster, but getting a card out of your opponent’s hand is good value and likely to hit something useful, so it’s worth a tryout.
Black Doomsday Doomsday is back as Storm’s combo buddy for this iteration.
Black Emperor of Bones Emperor of Bones looks very promising. It’s a solid 2-drop that hates on graveyards and works well in Reanimator strategies with the instant-speed adapt mechanic.
Black Nethergoyf This ‘goyf only checks your own graveyard, but it’s cheap, and you should be doing the heavy lifting to enable it anyway—there are lots of ways to do so in this iteration!
Black Shadowgrange Archfiend Shadowgrange Archfiend is back with Survival and Bazaar, but this one goes well with any cheap discard outlet.
Black Souls of the Lost Souls of the Lost doubles as a graveyard fueler and a pay-off for doing so.
Black Stitcher's Supplier When there’s an extra focus on stocked graveyards, the Supplier helps meet the demand, and in addition to Hogaak and Vengevine there are also three ‘goyfs in the mix this time.
Red Anger Anger is mainly here as part of the Survival/Bazaar package, but don’t sleep on it! Red has a lot of incidental discard outlets these days, so it can be a worthy inclusion in many aggressive red decks.
Red Anje's Ravager Anje’s Ravager is back in conjunction with Survival and Bazaar, but it also works well in low-curve aggressive decks.
Red Arena of Glory One of two new utility lands making it into the curation from MH3. With the low floor of being a Mountain and high ceiling of giving up to two creatures haste, this an easy one to try out.
Red Bitter Reunion Bitter Reunion replaces Highway Robbery to add more enchantments to the Cube to benefit the ‘goyfs, and giving your Archon/Kroxa/Phlage haste is no joke!
Red Blazing Rootwalla Blazing Rootwalla is back to support Survival, Bazaar and Vengevine, while being serviceable as a red 1-drop.
Red Detective's Phoenix Detective’s Phoenix is a promising card from MH3 that works particularly well with the Survival/Bazaar package and provides a card-type two-for-one for the ‘goyfs, including the hard-to-get enchantment type.
Red Flare of Duplication This card has narrow applications and should go late, but the ceiling of copying Fireblast, Fiery Confluence or even a Time Walk (perhaps your opponent’s?) is compelling enough to give it a shot.
Red Ghostfire Slice Char used to be a Vintage Cube staple, but we’ve crept steadily towards better and (strictly) better options. In a lot of matchups, this will behave like a strictly better Lightning Bolt! While devoid can be a drawback with Fury and Pyrokinesis, overall, this is a burn spell that should leave its scorch mark on Vintage Cube.
Red Harsh Mentor It’s been a long time since Harsh Mentor has been in the curation, but now is a good time to bring him back, with more activated abilities around to punish than ever.
Red Kumano Faces Kakkazan With a reduction in red one-drops in this iteration, bringing back some low-curve firepower for the heavy red strategies made sense. It also introduces more card types for the ‘goyfs while simultaneously helping battle the graveyard-focused creature strategies.
Red Obsidian Charmaw This dragon has been pacing the sidelines looking to get in the game, and in an iteration with the highest amount of nonbasic lands worth blowing up ever, the time has come.
Red Pyrogoyf One of the more exciting Vintage Cube cards coming out of MH3, this ‘goyf/Flametongue Kavu hybrid looks ridiculous. It hits any target and triggers off other ‘goyfs, so if you manage to copy it, you get double the fun!
Red Reckless Pyrosurfer A two-mana 2/2 haste with upside is a respectable baseline for a red creature, and this one has a high ceiling when combined with fetch lands thanks to the battle cry mechanic stacking. Try it with Goblin Rabblemaster!
Red Squee, Goblin Nabob Squee can turn Survival and Bazaar into real value engines while also repeatedly fueling any discard effects such as Psychic Frog.
Red Tribal Flames With the heavier focus on lands and multicolor strategies in this iteration, it’s a good time to bring back Tribal Flames to join the other domain cards in the curation.
Red Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle The pillar for combo kills with your Lands decks when combined with Dryad of the Ilysian Grove or Prismatic Omen, and Scapeshift or Primeval Titan.
Green Arboreal Grazer Arboreal Grazer provides a defensive body and gets extra lands into play for the decks that care about that.
Green Basking Rootwalla Basking Rootwalla is back to support Survival, Bazaar and Vengevine.
Green Courser of Kruphix Courser is back with some serious support for the Lands archetype.
Green Crop Rotation Crop Rotation comes back for Lands support, and helps you chip all the ice off Marit Lage more consistently.
Green Dryad of the Ilysian Grove Huge with Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and very serviceable otherwise.
Green Elvish Reclaimer Elvish Reclaimer bridges the gap between many of the supported strategies for green in this iteration. It can tutor up a Gaea’s Cradle for midrange decks, a Bazaar of Baghdad for graveyard decks, and is a Swiss Army knife in the Lands archetype.
Green Fanatic of Rhonas The jury is still out on Fanatic of Rhonas, but it could serve as a good replacement for Rofellos, and considering all the graveyard shenanigans around, it should play well here. The 4 toughness is respectable and makes it hard to remove, which is a good place for your mana dork to be.
Green Life from the Loam Life from the Loam has a lot of applications in Vintage Cube, but it doesn’t come together often enough to warrant regular inclusion. With newly added Six and Shifting Woodland in the mix, though, this is a good time for it to come off the bench.
Green Malevolent Rumble A very respectable common coming out of MH3 that does a little bit of everything, and pairs especially well with all the graveyard support.
Green Primeval Titan The Titan is back, and with proper support, including Field of the Dead, Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle, and all the old classics!
Green Prismatic Omen Here to enable Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle.
Green Reclamation Sage With Pest Infestation and Fiery Confluence continuing to offer multi-target artifact hate and Survival of the Fittest returning, Reclamation Sage comes in for Force of Vigor.
Green Sakura-Tribe Elder The venerable snake is back as a ramp spell that blocks and supports the landfall mechanic.
Green Satyr Wayfinder Satyr Wayfinder helps fill your graveyard or digs for that busted land you built your deck around and leaves a body behind for interactions like Recurring Nightmare.
Green Scapeshift Scapeshift is back to combo with Field of the Dead and Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle.
Green Shifting Woodland This is similar to Arena of Glory in that the floor is close to basic Forest, but the ceiling ... oh boy! Copy a Dark Depths in your graveyard to make Marit Lage or copy an Archon of Cruelty. Heck, you can even copy Emrakul with the shuffle trigger still on the stack!
Green Six Wrenn and ... No! It’s just Six! And a wild one. We even added back Life from the Loam for you to go even wilder with this one, but we expect it do plenty of good work on its own.
Green Sowing Mycospawn The real kicker here is just the basic cast trigger. Being able to tutor up any land and have it ETB is very strong as-is, but getting an immediate use out of your Gaea’s Cradle or Strip Mine is a huge bonus. This card has major potential.
Green Springheart Nantuko Springheart Nantuko is another promising card, not only to combo with Nadu, Winged Wisdom and landfall in general, but also to make multiple copies of your best threat. Say ... Pyrogoyf?
Green Survival of the Fittest One of two signposts of the Madness/Graveyard archetypes. Try running this in conjunction with Vengevine, Rootwallas and Anger for quick kills, or with Squee, Goblin Nabob or Master of Death to create your own value engine, or both!
Green Vengevine Vengevine gives Survival of the Fittest an alternate combo-card role, while also being a reasonable hard-cast. While Vengevine’s star has faded over time from its glory days, it earns its keep in the right decks.
Boros Phlage, Titan of Fire's Fury Look! It’s Uro’s ... fiery sister? A three-mana Lightning Helix at sorcery speed is lackluster, but if you can escape it, your opponent is in for a furious assault.
Boros Showdown of the Skalds Showdown is back, living its best life being great card draw for your Fastbond/Exploration Omnath-colored decks, also working with Nadu there, besides being just a great way to refuel for Boros.
Dimir Master of Death Mainly a combo with Survival and Bazaar, but unlike Squee, this one is reasonable to cast.
Dimir Psychic Frog This looks to be one of the best Cube cards coming out of MH3. It’s a big reason for bringing Survival/Bazaar back this iteration because it plays so well with Madness, Reanimation, Squee, Master of Death, and so much more.
Golgari Deathrite Shaman Deathrite Shaman was an experiment the last time Survival/Bazaar were in the Cube, and it exceeded expectations by quite a bit, so it’s back, even with trimmed support for those archetypes.
Golgari Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis One of the best payoffs for Survival and Bazaar, especially when “Angered”... your opponent will lose with great haste! 
Golgari Wight of the Reliquary Wight of the Reliquary is one of those perfect Cube cards because it kind of does it all. Works well with Bloodghast, Dark Depths, can grow huge with self-mill, while also being a very cheap creature. Consider us excited!
Golgari Witherbloom Command Witherbloom Command will once again be our Golgari removal of choice, due to its synergy with a lot of the cards present in this iteration.
Gruul Bloodbraid Challenger Who doesn’t remember Bloodbraid ... oh, wait! This costs more, but it’s also bigger and it has Escape? Graveyards, Survival, you know what’s up!
Gruul Escape to the Wilds We’re Escaping to the Wilds again with Lands as a supported archetype! One of the key draw spells for those decks, while also doing the thing they care about the most: putting extra lands into play.
Gruul Gruul Turf We’re only bringing in three bouncelands this time and adding them to the existing fixing rather than swapping them out, so they are more delineated as "combo pieces" for the decks that truly want them. You can use them for multiple Landfall-triggers with the likes of Fastbond and Exploration, as well as using them as slow card-advantage, but beware of opposing land-destruction!
Rakdos Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger Kroxa is back and especially threatening with this much graveyard support, and specifically Anger to haste your giant into combat for an immediate second trigger, probably spelling doom for your opponent.
Selesnya Knight of the Reliquary Knight is back! Why, you ask? Well… it tutors up lands.
Selesnya Selesnya Sanctuary See Gruul Turf.
Selesnya Simic Growth Chamber See Gruul Turf.
Simic Bonny Pall, Clearcutter This ox-herding giant ramps up your mana and the total number of lands in play, so this should come in handy.
Simic Nadu, Winged Wisdom Some of the loudest chatter leading up to the release of MH3 was around this card. Was it a design mistake? Is it going to break Constructed? Without the ability to build a pure combo deck around it, Nadu won’t break Vintage Cube, but it’s still a card with a fantastic ability at an efficient rate. To maximize the combo ability, be sure to pick up Bristly Bill or Lightning Greaves!
Simic Planar Genesis Impulse that allows you to put a land card directly on the battlefield, why not?
Multicolor Golos, Tireless Pilgrim Golos can work in a variety of strategies and is a particularly good fit for an iteration where we’re trying to find specific lands and assembling domain.
Colorless Dark Depths The Depths are back with more tutors than ever. Use Sylvan Safekeeper to protect your Marit Lage, Lightning Greaves to haste it, and Shadowspear to make it trample over opposing chump blockers.
Colorless Expedition Map Expedition Map plays well with all the great nonbasics in Vintage Cube in general, and there are even more than usual this time around.
Colorless Field of the Dead A cornerstone of the Lands archetype, rewarding your for putting extra Lands onto the battlefield that combined well with Scapeshift. Don’t miss on using your Bouncelands to repeatedly trigger this once you’ve reached the threshold of seven different lands!
Colorless Lightning Greaves We welcome back the Greaves to combo with Nadu, Winged Wisdom in addition to protecting your big reanimation targets while getting them in the red zone right away.
Colorless Porcelain Legionnaire Porcelain Legionnaire is back as a colorless aggressive 2-drop with a three-mana mode in white decks.
Colorless Thespian's Stage Here to help you make a Marit Lage with Dark Depths.
Colorless Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger Last time we tried focusing more on the Annihilator Eldrazi coupled with Goryo’s Vengeance, but the Ceaseless Hunger makes a return for this iteration.


Color Card Out Design Comment
White Adanto Vanguard As a purely aggressive 2-drop, this Vampire is the easiest cut for Ajani/Phelia coming in.
White Collector's Cage Collector's Cage was definitely fun and enabled some novel situations but is not hard to let go of overall.
White Enlightened Tutor Enlightened Tutor rarely sees play, and while it is nice to have cards in white that aren't purely aggro or midrange, we can bench this without a heavy heart.
White Leonin Relic-Warder Relic-Warder passes the torch to another WW creature, but one that goes after nonbasics rather than artifacts or enchantments.
White Monastery Mentor With the speed of the format ever increasing, the Mentor loses its footing, but is likely to make a return at some point.
White Sanguine Evangelist Can't really go wrong with value creatures like these in white, but also not critical for its success. Expect this bat-wielding vampire to come back at some point as well.
White Student of Warfare Student gives way for the new and exciting Ocelot Pride.
Blue Akal Pakal, First Among Equals Artifacts enjoyed heavy support this past iteration, so we're pulling some of that back to make room for other archetypes.
Blue Dream Halls Archetype rotating out.
Blue Hard Evidence Craben Inspector is being upgraded to Tamiyo, Inquisitive Student.
Blue High Tide We're pulling the worst performers from the Storm card pool and keeping the best of them around so it can still come together nicely when open.
Blue Jace Reawakened Archetype-based swap.
Blue Mind's Desire We're pulling the worst performers from the Storm card pool and keeping the best of them around so it can still come together nicely when open.
Blue Proft's Eidetic Memory Archetype rotating out.
Blue Simulacrum Synthesizer Artifacts enjoyed heavy support this past iteration, so we're pulling some of that back to make room for other archetypes.
Blue Stoic Sphinx Archetype-based swap.
Blue Three Steps Ahead Archetype-based swap.
Blue Turnabout We're pulling the worst performers from the Storm card pool and keeping the best of them around so it can still come together nicely when open.
Black Beseech the Mirror Archetype-based swap.
Black Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor Archetype-based swap.
Black Goryo's Vengeance We tried Goryo's with the full Annihilator Eldrazi package, but it did not perform well, so we're walking it back. Good try.
Black Graveyard Trespasser Archetype-based swap.
Black Hostile Investigator Archetype-based swap.
Black Kaervek, the Punisher Archetype-based swap.
Black Long Goodbye Long Goodbye is a solid card, but also doesn't feel super necessary.
Black Phyrexian Fleshgorger Archetype-based swap.
Black Tenacious Underdog Archetype-based swap.
Black Tourach, Dread Cantor Archetype-based swap.
Red "Name Sticker" Goblin This enables some cool stuff in Vintage Cube, but it’s not a card that exists in this form on tabletop, so we’re benching it, at least for now.
Red Birgi, God of Storytelling Archetype-based swap.
Red Dreadhorde Arcanist Archetype rotating out.
Red Flametongue Kavu Archetype-based swap.
Red Grim Lavamancer Archetype-based swap.
Red Highway Robbery Archetype-based swap.
Red Lava Dart Archetype rotating out.
Red Magda, the Hoardmaster Archetype-based swap.
Red Mizzix's Mastery Archetype rotating out.
Red Monastery Swiftspear Archetype rotating out.
Red Runaway Steam-Kin Archetype-based swap.
Red Simian Spirit Guide Archetype-based swap.
Red Slickshot Show-Off Archetype rotating out.
Red Soul-Scar Mage Archetype rotating out.
Red Thundermaw Hellkite Archetype-based swap.
Green Arbor Elf Archetype-based swap.
Green Craterhoof Behemoth Archetype rotating out.
Green Elvish Spirit Guide Archetype-based swap.
Green Force of Vigor Hating a little less strongly on artifacts in this version, due to it receiving a slight nerf to begin with.
Green Garruk Relentless Archetype rotating out.
Green Garruk Wildspeaker Archetype rotating out.
Green Goldvein Hydra Archetype-based swap.
Green Gruff Triplets Vaultborn Tyrant supersedes Gruff Triplets as the flexible Flash/Reanimation card, that's fairly castable and we feel like there doesn't have to be an unlimited amount of these.
Green Legolas's Quick Reflexes Archetype-based swap.
Green Nissa, Ascended Animist Archetype rotating out.
Green Ornery Tumblewagg Archetype-based swap.
Green Railway Brawler Archetype-based swap.
Green Ranger Class Archetype-based swap.
Green Regrowth Archetype-based swap.
Green Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary Archetype rotating out.
Green Sandstorm Salvager Archetype-based swap.
Green Smuggler's Surprise Smuggler's Surprise in fact surprised us, but we're also going a little less heavy on that kind of cheaty stuff, so we feel it's fair to swap it out. This was mainly here on trial, but after delivering a rather impressive performance, it could make a return at some point.
Green Tough Cookie Tough Cookie was on the weaker end generally speaking, but made for some nice, novel gameplay, draft and deckbuilding decisions, so we might bring it back at some point.
Green Utopia Sprawl Archetype-based swap.
Boros Winota, Joiner of Forces Archetype-based swap.
Dimir Lazav, Wearer of Faces Psychic Frog take-over!
Dimir Lim-Dul's Vault Archetype-based swap.
Golgari Glissa Sunslayer Archetype-based swap.
Golgari The Gitrog, Ravenous Ride Archetype-based swap.
Gruul Halana and Alena, Partners Archetype-based swap.
Izzet Magma Opus Archetype rotating out.
Orzhov Ashen Rider Archetype-based swap.
Selesnya Kutzil, Malamet Exemplar Archetype-based swap.
Simic Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy Archetype-based swap.
Multicolor Cruel Ultimatum Archetype rotating out.
Multicolor Leovold, Emissary of Trest Archetype-based swap.
Multicolor Mana Confluence Making room for a smattering of nonbasic lands.
Colorless Aetherflux Reservoir Reservoir theoretically works as a Storm payoff, but often enough doesn't perform all that well. It does do work with Bolas's Citadel still, but as mentioned in the article, we're pulling a lot of the fringe Storm support this time around.
Colorless Candelabra of Tawnos With High Tide leaving, that leaves Candelabra with Tolarian Academy as it's only use-case, so we're letting it ride the bench for this run at least.
Colorless Helm of Awakening Helm of Awakening leaves together with Aetherflux Reservoir and Mystic Forge.
Colorless Kozilek, Butcher of Truth We tried Goryo's with the full Annihilator Eldrazi package, but it did not perform well, so we're walking it back. Good try.
Colorless Mutagenic Growth Archetype rotating out.
Colorless Mystic Forge Artifacts enjoyed heavy support this past iteration, so we're pulling some of that back to make room for other archetypes.
Colorless Nettlecyst Artifacts enjoyed heavy support this past iteration, so we're pulling some of that back to make room for other archetypes.
Colorless Nexus of Becoming Nexus of Becoming was a nice bridge between cheaty and artifact strategies, but definitely doesn't qualify as a Vintage Cube all-star, so expect this one to be here periodically.

Full List

Color Card Name
White Adeline, Resplendent Cathar
White Ajani, Nacatl Pariah
White Aven Interrupter
White Balance
White Benevolent Bodyguard
White Blade Splicer
White Cathar Commando
White Containment Priest
White Council's Judgment
White Damn
White Eagles of the North
White Elite Spellbinder
White Elspeth, Knight-Errant
White Ephemerate
White Esper Sentinel
White Flickerwisp
White Giver of Runes
White Glimmer Lens
White Guardian Scalelord
White Hero of Bladehold
White Intrepid Adversary
White Karakas
White Leyline Binding
White Lion Sash
White Loran of the Third Path
White Luminarch Aspirant
White Mana Tithe
White Mother of Runes
White Mox Pearl
White Ocelot Pride
White Oust
White Palace Jailer
White Parallax Wave
White Path to Exile
White Phelia, Exuberant Shepherd
White Portable Hole
White Prismatic Ending
White Reprieve
White Samwise the Stouthearted
White Selfless Spirit
White Serra Paragon
White Sevinne's Reclamation
White Skyclave Apparition
White Solitude
White Staff of the Storyteller
White Steel Seraph
White Stoneforge Mystic
White Sunfall
White Swords to Plowshares
White Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
White The Wandering Emperor
White Thraben Inspector
White Timeless Dragon
White Touch the Spirit Realm
White Unexpectedly Absent
White Usher of the Fallen
White Virtue of Loyalty
White White Orchid Phantom
White Winds of Abandon
White Wrath of God
Blue Aether Spellbomb
Blue Ancestral Recall
Blue Brain Freeze
Blue Brainstorm
Blue Brazen Borrower
Blue Chart a Course
Blue Chrome Host Seedshark
Blue Consider
Blue Counterspell
Blue Cryptic Coat
Blue Cryptic Command
Blue Daze
Blue Dig Through Time
Blue Displacer Kitten
Blue Dress Down
Blue Duelist of the Mind
Blue Echo of Eons
Blue Faerie Mastermind
Blue Flash
Blue Force of Negation
Blue Force of Will
Blue Forensic Gadgeteer
Blue Frantic Search
Blue Gitaxian Probe
Blue Gush
Blue Hullbreacher
Blue Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Blue Jace, Vryn's Prodigy
Blue Jace, Wielder of Mysteries
Blue Kappa Cannoneer
Blue Kitesail Larcenist
Blue Ledger Shredder
Blue Lórien Revealed
Blue Malcolm, Alluring Scoundrel
Blue Mana Drain
Blue Mana Leak
Blue Memory Lapse
Blue Miscalculation
Blue Mox Sapphire
Blue Mystic Confluence
Blue Mystical Tutor
Blue Narset, Parter of Veils
Blue Otawara, Soaring City
Blue Phantasmal Image
Blue Ponder
Blue Preordain
Blue Remand
Blue Serum Visions
Blue Shelldock Isle
Blue Show and Tell
Blue Smirking Spelljacker
Blue Snapcaster Mage
Blue Spell Pierce
Blue Spellseeker
Blue Stern Scolding
Blue Subtlety
Blue Tamiyo, Inquisitive Student
Blue Thassa's Oracle
Blue Thieving Skydiver
Blue Thought Scour
Blue Time Spiral
Blue Time Walk
Blue Time Warp
Blue Timetwister
Blue Tinker
Blue Tishana's Tidebinder
Blue Tolarian Academy
Blue Treachery
Blue Treasure Cruise
Blue Trinket Mage
Blue True-Name Nemesis
Blue Upheaval
Blue Urza, Lord High Artificer
Black Animate Dead
Black Archon of Cruelty
Black Baleful Mastery
Black Barrowgoyf
Black Bazaar of Baghdad
Black Bitter Triumph
Black Bloodghast
Black Bolas's Citadel
Black Bone Shards
Black Cabal Ritual
Black Caustic Bronco
Black Collective Brutality
Black Concealing Curtains
Black Corpse Dance
Black Crabomination
Black Cut Down
Black Dark Confidant
Black Dark Petition
Black Dark Ritual
Black Dauthi Voidwalker
Black Deep-Cavern Bat
Black Demonic Tutor
Black Doomsday
Black Duress
Black Emperor of Bones
Black Entomb
Black Evolved Sleeper
Black Exhume
Black Fatal Push
Black Grave Titan
Black Grief
Black Griselbrand
Black Harvester of Misery
Black Hymn to Tourach
Black Imperial Seal
Black Infernal Grasp
Black Inquisition of Kozilek
Black Life/Death
Black Liliana of the Veil
Black Mind Twist
Black Mox Jet
Black Necromancy
Black Nethergoyf
Black Night's Whisper
Black Orcish Bowmasters
Black Preacher of the Schism
Black Rain of Filth
Black Reanimate
Black Recurring Nightmare
Black Shadowgrange Archfiend
Black Shallow Grave
Black Sheoldred, the Apocalypse
Black Sheoldred's Edict
Black Snuff Out
Black Souls of the Lost
Black Stitcher's Supplier
Black Tendrils of Agony
Black Thoughtseize
Black Toxic Deluge
Black Troll of Khazad-dûm
Black Unearth
Black Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
Black Vampiric Tutor
Black Virtue of Persistence
Black Wishclaw Talisman
Black Yawgmoth's Will
Red Abrade
Red Anger
Red Anje's Ravager
Red Arc Trail
Red Arena of Glory
Red Bitter Reunion
Red Blazing Rootwalla
Red Bonecrusher Giant
Red Bonehoard Dracosaur
Red Broadside Bombardiers
Red Burst Lightning
Red Chain Lightning
Red Chandra, Torch of Defiance
Red Death-Greeter's Champion
Red Delayed Blast Fireball
Red Detective's Phoenix
Red Dragon's Rage Channeler
Red Elemental Eruption
Red Embereth Shieldbreaker
Red Etali, Primal Conqueror
Red Fable of the Mirror-Breaker
Red Faithless Looting
Red Fiery Confluence
Red Fireblast
Red Firebolt
Red Flame Slash
Red Flare of Duplication
Red Fury
Red Generous Plunderer
Red Ghostfire Slice
Red Goblin Rabblemaster
Red Goldspan Dragon
Red Gut, True Soul Zealot
Red Harsh Mentor
Red Headliner Scarlett
Red Inti, Seneschal of the Sun
Red Kumano Faces Kakkazan
Red Laelia, the Blade Reforged
Red Legion Extruder
Red Lightning Bolt
Red Magda, Brazen Outlaw
Red Mine Collapse
Red Mox Ruby
Red Obsidian Charmaw
Red Oliphaunt
Red Pyrogoyf
Red Pyrokinesis
Red Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer
Red Rampaging Raptor
Red Reckless Pyrosurfer
Red Rite of Flame
Red Robber of the Rich
Red Scrapwork Mutt
Red Seasoned Pyromancer
Red Seething Song
Red Sneak Attack
Red Squee, Goblin Nabob
Red Through the Breach
Red Tribal Flames
Red Trumpeting Carnosaur
Red Underworld Breach
Red Unholy Heat
Red Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle
Red Voldaren Epicure
Red Wheel of Fortune
Green Arboreal Grazer
Green Augur of Autumn
Green Avacyn's Pilgrim
Green Basking Rootwalla
Green Birds of Paradise
Green Boseiju, Who Endures
Green Bristly Bill, Spine Sower
Green Channel
Green Courser of Kruphix
Green Crop Rotation
Green Delighted Halfling
Green Dryad of the Ilysian Grove
Green Elvish Mystic
Green Elvish Reclaimer
Green Endurance
Green Esika's Chariot
Green Eternal Witness
Green Eureka
Green Exploration
Green Fanatic of Rhonas
Green Fastbond
Green Gaea's Cradle
Green Generous Ent
Green Green Sun's Zenith
Green Haywire Mite
Green Hexdrinker
Green Ignoble Hierarch
Green Life from the Loam
Green Llanowar Elves
Green Lotus Cobra
Green Malevolent Rumble
Green Mox Emerald
Green Natural Order
Green Nishoba Brawler
Green Nissa, Who Shakes the World
Green Noble Hierarch
Green Oath of Druids
Green Once Upon a Time
Green Outland Liberator
Green Paradise Druid
Green Pest Infestation
Green Pick Your Poison
Green Primeval Titan
Green Prismatic Omen
Green Questing Beast
Green Ramunap Excavator
Green Reclamation Sage
Green Sakura-Tribe Elder
Green Satyr Wayfinder
Green Scapeshift
Green Scavenging Ooze
Green Sentinel of the Nameless City
Green Shifting Woodland
Green Six
Green Sowing Mycospawn
Green Springheart Nantuko
Green Survival of the Fittest
Green Sylvan Caryatid
Green Sylvan Library
Green Sylvan Safekeeper
Green Tarmogoyf
Green Tireless Tracker
Green Titania, Protector of Argoth
Green Ulvenwald Oddity
Green Vaultborn Tyrant
Green Vengevine
Green Woodfall Primus
Green Worldspine Wurm
Green Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth
Boros Arid Mesa
Selesnya Arwen, Mortal Queen
Multicolor Atraxa, Grand Unifier
Rakdos Badlands
Dimir Baleful Strix
Golgari Bayou
Rakdos Blackcleave Cliffs
Rakdos Blood Crypt
Gruul Bloodbraid Challenger
Rakdos Bloodstained Mire
Rakdos Bloodtithe Harvester
Golgari Blooming Marsh
Simic Bonny Pall, Clearcutter
Simic Botanical Sanctum
Simic Breeding Pool
Multicolor Bring to Light
Rakdos Carnage Interpreter
Azorius Celestial Colonnade
Gruul Commercial District
Orzhov Concealed Courtyard
Gruul Copperline Gorge
Dimir Creeping Tar Pit
Izzet Dack Fayden
Dimir Darkslick Shores
Golgari Deathrite Shaman
Boros Elegant Parlor
Gruul Escape to the Wilds
Izzet Expressive Iteration
Multicolor Fabled Passage
Dimir Fallen Shinobi
Izzet Fiery Islet
Boros Figure of Destiny
Rakdos Fire Covenant
Azorius Flooded Strand
Boros Forth Eorlingas!
Azorius Fractured Identity
Orzhov Godless Shrine
Multicolor Golos, Tireless Pilgrim
Golgari Grist, the Hunger Tide
Gruul Gruul Turf
Azorius Hallowed Fountain
Simic Hedge Maze
Golgari Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis
Selesnya Horizon Canopy
Multicolor Huatli, Poet of Unity
Multicolor Indatha Triome
Boros Inspiring Vantage
Multicolor Jetmir's Garden
Dimir Kaito Shizuki
Multicolor Ketria Triome
Selesnya Knight of the Reliquary
Rakdos Kolaghan's Command
Rakdos Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger
Orzhov Lingering Souls
Orzhov Lurrus of the Dream-Den
Selesnya Lush Portico
Gruul Manamorphose
Orzhov Marsh Flats
Dimir Master of Death
Azorius Meticulous Archive
Gruul Minsc & Boo, Timeless Heroes
Simic Misty Rainforest
Simic Nadu, Winged Wisdom
Azorius No More Lies
Golgari Nurturing Peatland
Simic Oko, Thief of Crowns
Multicolor Omnath, Locus of Creation
Gruul Orcish Lumberjack
Boros Otharri, Suns' Glory
Golgari Overgrown Tomb
Boros Phlage, Titan of Fire's Fury
Golgari Pillage the Bog
Simic Planar Genesis
Boros Plateau
Dimir Polluted Delta
Multicolor Prismatic Vista
Dimir Psychic Frog
Selesnya Qasali Pridemage
Multicolor Raffine's Tower
Gruul Raging Ravine
Rakdos Raucous Theater
Multicolor Raugrin Triome
Selesnya Razorverge Thicket
Multicolor Relic of Sauron
Rakdos Restless Vents
Boros Sacred Foundry
Izzet Saheeli, Sublime Artificer
Simic Sail into the West
Multicolor Savai Triome
Selesnya Savannah
Izzet Scalding Tarn
Orzhov Scrubland
Azorius Seachrome Coast
Selesnya Selesnya Sanctuary
Orzhov Shadowy Backstreet
Azorius Shorikai, Genesis Engine
Boros Showdown of the Skalds
Orzhov Silent Clearing
Selesnya Simic Growth Chamber
Multicolor Spara's Headquarters
Izzet Spirebluff Canal
Izzet Steam Vents
Gruul Stomping Ground
Boros Sunbaked Canyon
Gruul Taiga
Boros Talisman of Conviction
Izzet Talisman of Creativity
Simic Talisman of Curiosity
Dimir Talisman of Dominance
Rakdos Talisman of Indulgence
Azorius Talisman of Progress
Simic Tamiyo, Collector of Tales
Golgari Tear Asunder
Azorius Teferi, Hero of Dominaria
Azorius Teferi, Time Raveler
Selesnya Temple Garden
Gruul Territorial Kavu
Izzet Third Path Iconoclast
Multicolor Thopter Foundry
Izzet Thundering Falls
Orzhov Tidehollow Sculler
Selesnya Torsten, Founder of Benalia
Simic Tropical Island
Azorius Tundra
Dimir Undercity Sewers
Golgari Underground Mortuary
Dimir Underground Sea
Simic Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath
Rakdos Valki, God of Lies
Golgari Verdant Catacombs
Orzhov Vindicate
Izzet Volcanic Island
Simic Waterlogged Grove
Dimir Watery Grave
Golgari Wight of the Reliquary
Selesnya Windswept Heath
Golgari Witherbloom Command
Gruul Wooded Foothills
Gruul Wrenn and Six
Multicolor Xander's Lounge
Multicolor Zagoth Triome
Multicolor Ziatora's Proving Ground
Boros Zirda, the Dawnwaker
Colorless Agatha's Soul Cauldron
Colorless Ancient Tomb
Colorless Basalt Monolith
Colorless Batterskull
Colorless Black Lotus
Colorless Blightsteel Colossus
Colorless Chromatic Star
Colorless Chrome Mox
Colorless City of Traitors
Colorless Coalition Relic
Colorless Coveted Jewel
Colorless Crucible of Worlds
Colorless Currency Converter
Colorless Dark Depths
Colorless Dismember
Colorless Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
Colorless Everflowing Chalice
Colorless Expedition Map
Colorless Field of the Dead
Colorless Grim Monolith
Colorless Kaldra Compleat
Colorless Karn, Scion of Urza
Colorless Library of Alexandria
Colorless Lightning Greaves
Colorless Lion's Eye Diamond
Colorless Lotus Petal
Colorless Mana Crypt
Colorless Mana Vault
Colorless Manifold Key
Colorless Memory Jar
Colorless Mind Stone
Colorless Mishra's Bauble
Colorless Mishra's Research Desk
Colorless Mishra's Workshop
Colorless Mox Diamond
Colorless Mox Opal
Colorless Myr Battlesphere
Colorless Palantír of Orthanc
Colorless Pentad Prism
Colorless Phyrexian Metamorph
Colorless Phyrexian Revoker
Colorless Porcelain Legionnaire
Colorless Portal to Phyrexia
Colorless Relic of Progenitus
Colorless Retrofitter Foundry
Colorless Sensei's Divining Top
Colorless Shadowspear
Colorless Skullclamp
Colorless Smuggler's Copter
Colorless Sol Ring
Colorless Soul-Guide Lantern
Colorless Strip Mine
Colorless Sword of the Meek
Colorless The Mightstone and Weakstone
Colorless The One Ring
Colorless Thespian's Stage
Colorless Triplicate Titan
Colorless Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
Colorless Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre
Colorless Umezawa's Jitte
Colorless Urza's Saga
Colorless Walking Ballista
Colorless Wasteland
Colorless Zuran Orb